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07 April 2013

Spring Seed Planting

Spring is always a time of new growth, new life. So, in this spring time of the year, may you be open to new thoughts, new concepts, and new ways of looking at life.


Plant seeds of intent for those aspects of your life that you wish to manifest into changes for your self, your family, your community, and world events. Nurture those thoughts by seeing them develop. What is it you wish to manifest? Believe that these seeds will develop into the beauty you wish to manifest. See them part of the development of manifestation.


And, as the seeds develop and start becoming visible potentials - those first few glimpses of the new visibility of your desires - continue to visualize them developing, prospering, and growing. And, as they become fully developed, enjoy the beauty, the abundant glory these new manifestations bring to your Earthly life. Allow this unfoldment to spread to others. Share the glory of the newly sprouted and nurtured desires.


Tap into your creator energy each day. Know that you can plant seeds of new ideas, new visions, new feelings of love, hope, and great beauty each day.


You are loved,

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

17 January 2013

New Year Energies

Dear Ones:

The energies of the new year are enveloping each one - a promise of new hope, new awareness, and new opportunities to expand and embrace the vibrational frequencies bringing each soul to higher levels.

Each soul is aligning to their truths at the core levels. Many souls have evolved beyond what was planned in their lifetimes. Many took the spiritual concepts – took them to heart – and embarked on a “fast track” to embrace the truth within them.

You here are no different. Those who seek and question are advancing quickly. The energies of the new earth are assisting. Old patterning in thoughts and actions are dissolving - some not so quickly, others often surprisingly so. Know that all will evolve to whatever level is right for each one. It is no contest, no competition. It is simply whatever each soul decides.

All are blessed. All are loved. All are holy. Given this, each soul has the potential to achieve and take on the essence of the Cosmic Consciousness within to become the creator force within each life plan. The potentials are endless and the results quite profound. Again, it is up to each soul to determine the path or course taken.

Those who tap into the heavenly spiritual realms have an endless source of light, love, and energy to sustain them. All have been given the tools to create heaven on earth.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

17 December 2012

Stay Heart Centered

Greetings, Dear Ones:

Do not allow your fearful thoughts to overshadow your thinking. Yes, there is much confusion – a disconnect from desire and what you see in your reality. Stay heart centered. It will ease the ride through your everyday events and understanding.

Your world is not reflecting the presence of love and the new energies within each soul. As given before, not all souls will take on the new energies. Many are still trapped in old thoughts, old patterning in handling difficult life experiences.

Even more opportunities will present themselves where meditation, holding the light, and sending love filled energies will be needed. You have all these tools within you. Each instance is a time to practice, time to invoke the compassion and call of assistance to transform your world. Know you have many with you – other lightworkers, and those in spirit can be called upon to assist.

With your world comprised of both new and old energies, your assistance to bring heaven to earth is upon you. Your love and energy is being called upon. Your light is greatly needed. Never doubt your ability to bring a healing love to those souls in need.

All are loved. All are blessed. All are assisting in bringing the new energies to raise the Christ Consciousness within all mankind.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

04 November 2012

November's Gateways

The month of November is heralding new changes. The energy of dear planet Earth will be felt subtly for most, but others well connected to light and energies may experience a more profound feeling.

Gateways are literally opening for those ready to move forward. You will notice when a gateway is opening as your senses will be quite clear. It will be a heightened feeling – static almost – stirring an almost surreal feeling deep inside - a déjà vu of sorts – when it all feels familiar, but at most intangible to place.

Movement through these gateways will feel as if a threshold opens, you become acutely aware, and you simply are drawn into an energy that will seem like a “breath of homecoming.” You will get a sense of wanting to linger within this sacred space.

It will not be just one instance, but a series of openings as gateways. You may feel utterly peaceful – most serenely. The excitement will come after as the recognition and acknowledgement will register into your awareness.

Be peaceful and heart connected to the Divine within you. There is much love and support among those in spirit. Call on us.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

09 October 2012

Autumn Energy

Get your home in order – make changes to your environment – keep only love around, and let go of the personal attachments of old thinking. Move beyond your current comfort levels. Know what is cleared out will be replaced – trust this to be true.

These small changes will indeed bring you new energy to make great strides going forward.

Like autmn leaves - you release to prepare for a new season.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~