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13 April 2017

The Law of Attraction

Universal Laws, in general, take you back to the beginning - the way it was before religions, rules, and restrictions were placed upon you. The Law of Attraction is the most important law in the universe. It states that “whatever you put out comes directly back to you” - and in the new energy this takes just one nanosecond.

Look at how you ask in a new way - a new light. The Law of Attraction is very simple. You are being taught in the new energy you have the power to create; the Law of Attraction will give you the tools to create.


The first part of this law is to Ask. By asking for something, it is important to know you are creating the request and putting it out into the universe. Just know every thought has matter and stays in the universe - it does not go away. You are creating a “blueprint” by giving the universe permission to work on your request. Do not put a cap or lid on any desire.


The second part of this law is to Allow. By allowing the universe to answer your request, remain positive it will be answered. Angels and the universe pass by your request and they bless it and give it energy - they take a piece of your request and work on it.

You can create a block or resistance with doubts. If you fear or doubt your request will not be answered; this creates more resistance. Your request is then in a “holding pattern” - waiting - not getting to you. And, for some, it never comes because of doubt.

Resistance is translated into doubt, misunderstanding, misinformation, low self esteem and feelings of unworthiness. Visualize a screen as your resistance. You can open or close it depending on your thoughts. Visualize opening the screen and letting all kinds of butterflies fly in with all kinds of colors. These are all your requests. See them land on your heart or shoulder as your requests come to life.

Raising the Vibration

The third part is Vibration. This is the energy to either open the screen and attract the request to you, or close the screen and send it away - being fear-based and pushing the butterflies away. Protectiveness is also resistance. Neutrality does not cause attraction. You can acknowledge the doubt by opening up your hearts to a very high concentration of vibration to allow.

See the request like nectar to attract the butterflies. In any situation it is the emotion of each moment when you send out the request. Make sure to raise the emotion - the vibration - the feeling of joyfulness and good feelings to bring your request to you.

You can not vibrate for other people. Send them love and light and higher consciousness. And, if they are not a vibrational match to your energy, you do not have to carry them.

Ask + Allow + Raising the Vibration

Ask and Allow with minimal or no resistance. Worry is the worst resistance - this will attract exactly what you do not want to come to you. Turn it around the moment you realize your vibration is fear-based. Switch the vibration - fear is in the mind. Bring it to the heart - it raises the vibration. Use the violet light to open the heart up.

Tools to have around to assist you:  go to a place of love and joy; see a picture of someone you love; call in angels to help; read spiritual messages - this brings the angels to you. Use any opportunity to get closer to the angels.

Have no resistance or worry. Put your thoughts out there and keep seeing the positive. Your task is to practice and embrace the Law of Attraction and share it. Spark the expression to experience it.

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