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13 July 2014

Angels and Guides as Personal Assistants

Allow the Higher Self in you to override the ego fears. Each soul is fully capable to move into the roles of their soul commitments. These contracts or commitments – as a gentler term – are carefully planned and orchestrated prior to the birthing process.


Never doubt the gentle forces which push you or the loving guidance that speaks to you. Think of all the spiritual guidance each human soul has been given as “personal assistants” - in the form of angels and spirit guides with attributes to help you. All are ready to assist you; just call on them. The “total package” of your human physical self extends far more than ever imagined.


Go forward with peace in knowing you are loved.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

05 July 2014

Be the Light

Dear Lighted Ones,


Step out – be the light in all you do. Know others need this light to make a difference in their own lives. Your light guides and lights the way for choices to open before them.


Be true to yourself foremost. The Divine energy within you is the spiritual compass to direct and motivate you forward. Listen with more than your ears – feel the energy of what pushes you forward. Know it is a kind, gentle force that moves you along - like the stream through a beautiful meadow. It has purpose, but no force – it simply guides you.


As more human light beings accept their courses as their lighted paths, your world will build momentum for its transformation.  


Each are loved and blessed.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

12 June 2014

Your Angelic Self

Greetings, Dear Ones,


Look around – many are here within the Angelic Realm who offer support to those who connect and call on us for assistance.


Each soul has an Angelic Aspect within them. The first spark from God, the Creator, is the essence of this Angelic Self. The human mind cannot fathom the implication of this truth. This Angelic Aspect exists in the higher dimensions or higher planes.  


The Higher Self is the human essence of the Angelic Self, but connected to the Earthly Realm. Going into the higher energies which exist in the spiritual realms acclimates the Higher Self to the Angelic Self. And, with practice, the human soul can make a connection between these two aspects.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

24 May 2014

Lost Connection?

To those souls who feel lost…we are with you always. If you feel the connection to God, the Creator, or those in the spiritual realms is lost, just clear your mind and open it to the Divine. Our presence will be felt immediately. Never doubt. Always trust.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

04 May 2014

Using Creator Power for Change

Dear Ones,

Every human on the spiritual path at some point comes to this question:  Are the people and places in my life truly defining me? Do they reflect the love and joy within me? This starts the process of ensuring the outer life around you is reflective of the internal changes within you.

This is not an easy task ahead. But, the incongruence of how you feel, the love inside compared to those places, people, and agendas which are not your own. It becomes a time to step up and step out and ignite the Creator aspect within you to implement the changes needed to balance purpose and intent into your outer experiences.

It does not have to be done all at once. But, each day, make a minor change - no matter how small will create a ripple of change. You will be amazed how the smallest change may result in the biggest impact.

So, take those things that matter most to you. Begin to implement and create a world that reflects your light and love. Fear not the “fall out” or reaction of others; know you are merely stepping into your Creator Power to manifest the life and path of your choosing.

Align and balance to the heart and soul of who you are.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~