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17 December 2012

Stay Heart Centered

Greetings, Dear Ones:

Do not allow your fearful thoughts to overshadow your thinking. Yes, there is much confusion – a disconnect from desire and what you see in your reality. Stay heart centered. It will ease the ride through your everyday events and understanding.

Your world is not reflecting the presence of love and the new energies within each soul. As given before, not all souls will take on the new energies. Many are still trapped in old thoughts, old patterning in handling difficult life experiences.

Even more opportunities will present themselves where meditation, holding the light, and sending love filled energies will be needed. You have all these tools within you. Each instance is a time to practice, time to invoke the compassion and call of assistance to transform your world. Know you have many with you – other lightworkers, and those in spirit can be called upon to assist.

With your world comprised of both new and old energies, your assistance to bring heaven to earth is upon you. Your love and energy is being called upon. Your light is greatly needed. Never doubt your ability to bring a healing love to those souls in need.

All are loved. All are blessed. All are assisting in bringing the new energies to raise the Christ Consciousness within all mankind.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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