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15 July 2010

Be Happy

Greetings, dear ones,


Get excited – be happy – find the love within you and let it shine. Clear yourself and be that Divine light – you will see the difference each day as it is presented to you.


Many are being challenged – making choices by listening to their hearts and their inner guidance. Those who continue their dramas, their stories – are the ones who are stuck – pray for them. Send them love, send them light. But, do not pity them – these are their choices – so let them be. Do not get caught up within their dramas or stories. Protect your energy - do not allow them to take your light.


Goodness starts within – as does love and Divine direction. Find time to be alone – make your connection to God, your Creator, the Source – the life force will channel through you in all you do.


Be at peace, dear ones.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

09 May 2010

Step Up

Step up, dear ones, step up…You are human, but you have learned the spiritual ways. Still there is a battle within. Once you learn that all of life is a reflection of self – you will understand those areas of aggravation and negative charges and they will become diminished. Just trust that your intentions and desires will carry you forward to this state of being.


No more hiding your light. Be that beautiful being at all times. Do not step away from opportunities – simply take a deep breath and all will work through you. Trust - you know too well how this works. To be "enlightened" is simply living in God's light.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

03 March 2010

God's Creations

All of creation is of God’s own hand. What you choose to enjoy of God’s creation is unique for each individual soul. Some may gravitate to nature – trees, flowers, plants - or the oceans and streams - and the life held within. Some may gravitate to science – the mechanics of God’s creations. Just know if you are drawn to certain types of creation, it is because it resonates within you – your energy connects to the love within the creation of God.

People will start to “take on” more of God’s many creations. Each will begin to champion a part of God’s creation that speaks to their hearts and minds. Do not fight or deny these feelings. Take them up and go with whatever moves you to protect or enhance the beauty and wonder of the many creations God has given you.

This is the beauty of your spirit - to enjoy the greatness and wonder of your world. God created your spirit to experience vicariously through you the joy of his creations. So, the magic and wonder of each creation is felt through you by God. And, working with God’s many creations brings the energy of God to you. This is a way to channel God’s energy.

You can clean up the oceans, invent new ways to clear up pollution, nurture and assist life forms such as land, plant, animal, and human. If you can open your heart with passion to assist and support any part of God’s creation, you will have the love and energy of God work through you. For many, it will bring a love energy so strong and never felt before in their hearts and lives.

You do not need to feel it has to be a full-time effort; it can be done in smaller measures. Take up an interest and nurture it – find ways to help out a little each day. I challenge each of you to find at least one aspect of God’s creation and have it become a heart-felt cause for you to support in your life time.

Eventually, you will learn to live each day and view your life - your world – and embrace it as God’s creation. The love energy of God will flow into you and will be spread out to assist your earth and beyond.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~ 

05 February 2010

The God in You

Greetings Dear Ones…


Everything in life has purpose – has energy to create experiences from which to grow as a soul. You are like all others in that the process is the same for all humans. Enjoy your life; embrace it; know that the lessons you encounter have purpose and meaning. You will go through these lessons – you have the spiritual tools and the inner knowledge to break through and be healed by the issues and experiences needed to complete those aspects in your life – in yourself.


Spiritual wisdom is looking within and making your connection to God, the Creator. It is opening up to the grand love of the universe – and embracing the feelings it gives you. Know your heart is your connection to the wisdom of the universe and you will be guided for the highest and best good of your soul. Make a true connection to God – your spiritual source. This is the step or practice to set in place each day as all things will present themselves in the proper order to reveal your choices, and for you to make them from a love perspective.


Once humans begin to realize that life is their own creation – they can begin to create what their hearts’ desire. Do not see yourself as a ship without a rudder – open or vulnerable to the direction of the wind, but see yourself at the helm – driving the course where the wind may take you. You are the “captain” of the life you live. Never forget this.


Your guides and angels in spirit are your helpers to help you navigate the waters – the turbulences, the storms, and the doldrums where you become stagnant or without a course. Call them in for assistance each and every day. Intention is so important – so set it up each day to have the guidance you need to face the lessons you chose to grow from – just let go of anticipated or expected outcomes.


Life has its many ups and downs – good times and bad times. How you look at “good” versus “bad” determines how you process internally and move through each lesson. Know that love is the predominant experience meant to be seen or realized from each lesson.


And, lessons are not “good” nor “bad” – simply “love infused outcomes.” Know this is how God, the Creator, manifested life on Earth - a planet of free choice to find the love and guidance within to experience all the love and glory God created for your world.


Each soul has a predetermined course of life experiences. How your life develops is based on the choices you make. At any time, you can choose to make only life choices from love. Never doubt that if you are unhappy with your life – you do have many options to turn your life around. Just learn to look within your own heart to discover the loving opportunities and choices you can make.


Each new day is a new beginning. Connect to God through your heart and call on your guides and angels to assist you. Ask for the “God in you” to lead the way throughout your day. Trust, know, love. It is just that simple.


With Much Love and Guidance,

~ Archangel Gabriel ~ 

28 November 2009

Channeling the Divine Essence

Greetings Dear Ones,

The process of channeling those in spirit is not a difficult one. It is simply setting your intention to connect to the highest vibration of the Divine aspect. You can develop or set in place a process – a procedure – that is comfortable for you. Following the same process each time sets in place the unique connection you make to spirit and will help to make the connection that much easier for you.

You can pre-determine or call forth your intentions of whom you want to connect with, or you can simply allow those in spirit to come to you – your guides, angels, or other spiritual beings to offer encouragement, love, and guidance.

Know that there is not always a “right” answer. The choice is always yours alone to make. Learn to find that resonance within you for validation to support the life path of your soul.

The connection you make should feel light and loving and safe. This will ensure you have connected to Divine spirit of the Creator’s energy. Most important is to make this connection a part of your daily routine. Set your intention as a priority in what you accomplish each day.

You will notice a difference in how your life unfolds – your day to day routines - as well as the major crossroads where different paths are presented for life lessons to unfold.

Trust in this connection. Feel the love empower your choices. Feel the love open your heart – becoming an open channel - to allow the love energy to permeate your being and all that surrounds you.

See how your life unfolds with the love essence of God flowing through you.

Go in Peace,

~ Archangel Gabriel ~