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07 June 2015

Your Ever Faithful Guardian

Most see me as their protector - their angelic helper to call on when the dark forces are near. My sword and shield will indeed overpower both seen and unseen sources causing havoc, interference, and fear. Know me as your ever faithful guardian - smoothing your way through the “crossfires and pitfalls” of your life.


Know the love you carry inside you will pass through these shields - reaching out to others and the environment surrounding you. You may feel vulnerable by being so open to share this love and light, but with my shields surrounding you - the fear and darkness will not permeate. You will remain protected while being surrounded in the Creator’s love and light.


Call on me and my army of Angelic Warriors - ever ready to defend the love and light and goodness of God’s creation within your Earthly world.


Forever yours to call upon,


~ Archangel Michael ~

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