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11 April 2015

Times of New Potential

Sit with us a while...absorb the energy of the Angelic Realms…may this energy calm you, sooth you, and reconnect you to the goodness known as the heavenly connection to God, your Creator.


Each human soul goes through life and comes to various crossroads. An injury, an illness, a loss of someone very dear, a loss of a job or home or “status” within communities. Many face these challenges as a true devastation or a loss of purpose to continue.


Once the loss is processed, these are the life opportunities to turn to God, the Creator, for comfort, love, and support. A human soul may feel extreme angst - but love, support, and inspiration are readily available through the connection of seeking God, the Creator, within your life.


Through quiet times, moments of prayer - utilizing the spiritual tools and practices for connection - hope and inspiration abound. The beauty of this process is the knowledge of how these moments of connection - truly lift the soul - from the situation at hand. It is through God’s emanating presence - the heart opens, the light of God is received, and the love energy of this connection moves a soul forward to new beginnings with the potential of many opportunities. Trust this to always be true.


You are never alone, never unsupported, and never unloved. Allow yourself a clean slate - a time to seek new purpose, new direction, new awareness - a time of new potential of moving forward in your life.  

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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