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17 January 2013

New Year Energies

Dear Ones:

The energies of the new year are enveloping each one - a promise of new hope, new awareness, and new opportunities to expand and embrace the vibrational frequencies bringing each soul to higher levels.

Each soul is aligning to their truths at the core levels. Many souls have evolved beyond what was planned in their lifetimes. Many took the spiritual concepts – took them to heart – and embarked on a “fast track” to embrace the truth within them.

You here are no different. Those who seek and question are advancing quickly. The energies of the new earth are assisting. Old patterning in thoughts and actions are dissolving - some not so quickly, others often surprisingly so. Know that all will evolve to whatever level is right for each one. It is no contest, no competition. It is simply whatever each soul decides.

All are blessed. All are loved. All are holy. Given this, each soul has the potential to achieve and take on the essence of the Cosmic Consciousness within to become the creator force within each life plan. The potentials are endless and the results quite profound. Again, it is up to each soul to determine the path or course taken.

Those who tap into the heavenly spiritual realms have an endless source of light, love, and energy to sustain them. All have been given the tools to create heaven on earth.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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