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07 April 2013

Spring Seed Planting

Spring is always a time of new growth, new life. So, in this spring time of the year, may you be open to new thoughts, new concepts, and new ways of looking at life.


Plant seeds of intent for those aspects of your life that you wish to manifest into changes for your self, your family, your community, and world events. Nurture those thoughts by seeing them develop. What is it you wish to manifest? Believe that these seeds will develop into the beauty you wish to manifest. See them part of the development of manifestation.


And, as the seeds develop and start becoming visible potentials - those first few glimpses of the new visibility of your desires - continue to visualize them developing, prospering, and growing. And, as they become fully developed, enjoy the beauty, the abundant glory these new manifestations bring to your Earthly life. Allow this unfoldment to spread to others. Share the glory of the newly sprouted and nurtured desires.


Tap into your creator energy each day. Know that you can plant seeds of new ideas, new visions, new feelings of love, hope, and great beauty each day.


You are loved,

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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