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30 March 2013

Make a Daily Connection

Within the bands of energy of the worldly places, there are discordant forms of matter. By connecting to Creator as your source of love and truth, set your intentions to always be connected to the higher energy to maintain the peace within your hearts and within your environments.

Know that by setting this intent, you will maintain a strong connection and will be protected from the distractions of this discordant energy. Be diligent in your intent to stay connected and your desire to live under Laws of Love and Truth.

Call on me and your angels to assist. Our strength is an ever present source when called upon.

My love to you,

~ Archangel Michael ~

06 November 2012

Pillars of Light

Those who carry the light of ascension will posses commanding energy which others will notice. This will be what grabs the attention and allows you to be the leaders you are and have been trained to be. It will be a pull of recognition and awareness setting you apart.


The magnetics of your aura will collectively pull others forward. You will be the examples of the new human form. Trust this will be an inherent energy you carry.


You may ask, “What will I be doing with much attention given to me?” Just watch – your authentic nature - the energy you carry will be the example all will want to know and take on as their own. You will become the pillars of light – some placed in darker places – to literally “shine the light” on the path for others to take.


Be strong. Use your intuitions with confidence. You are light teachers for many.


~ Archangel Michael ~

13 October 2012

Archangel Michael's BIG Presence

After years of sharing the messages of Archangel Gabriel on the Spiritually Speaking weblog, more awareness has been given to Archangel Michael’s presence in the new energies currently before us.

Archangel Michael shared, “Learn to recognize my energy. Learn to recognize my presence around you. You have Archangel Gabriel’s and others as well, but I am the “BIG” energy that fills your room – no matter where you are. See if others notice a difference. It is the spiritual strength and confidence that will be commanding others to take heed.”  

Since Archangel Michael is making his presence known, a new category will be set up for these messages on Spiritually Speaking. See if you notice the difference in the energy with Archangel Michael’s messages. The messages of Archangel Gabriel will continue on this weblog, along with the messages that come through from Archangel Michael.

The message below is given as a contrast to a similar message given by Archangel Gabriel on August 1, 2012. See if you notice the difference and the balance Archangel Michael brings to raise your awareness and understanding of the grandeur and presence of your soul in human form during this transition on planet Earth.

It is with great love that these messages are shared with the readers of Spiritually Speaking.  



Dear Humans,

Think “BIG!” Learn to know the grandeur of your soul is so much greater than what you perceive. Walk proud, shoulders back, head up, and become that commanding presence you indeed carry. Feel the weight of your wings on your back as it reminds you to stand up straight and remain in balance.

The meek and mild days are over. No hiding your light, your love, your voice, the power of your presence, and your ability to create change. Know this. Feel this. Become “BIG!” No more “small.” Come out of the shadows and become the light to assist in the energy needed to transcend the consciousness of your Earth.

Walk with peace and balance, knowledge and grace.

~ Archangel Michael ~