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01 January 2015

2014 - A Year for Co-Creators to Unite

Dear Ones,

A time to look ahead upon a new year is upon you. A time to glimpse a future based on knowledge from the higher realms of spirit. It is not as a report card, but a chance and choice of probabilities from the consciousness of human minds and human hearts.

As a gentle reminder to each human soul, you are co-creators of your world. Be heart-centered and true to your inner knowing. The quiet space within you will refuel and sustain you. Be prepared for major upheavals as devastating blows to country economies, loss of human life, and destruction to mother earth. Be prepared to assist in a humane manner in whatever way your heart moves you. Know the “tightening of the belt” will be felt in the flow of money, food, shelter, and other resources. New measures will need to be implemented in all levels of societies.

A divide has developed within the human populous. Those connected to their hearts, those who can see through illusions man has created are holding the light and the space for peace to come within your world. Others are still driven by eons of unrest, karma, and beliefs taken on as factual decrees as their soul missions. Others are simply those souls who have chosen a life to live through the karmic cycle to become the “sacrificial lambs” for humanity – to awaken the human world to that moment of “shock and shift” into a space of peace and love. So, the human population is divided into factions of those lifting the consciousness, those creating the dramas, and those who chose to be the “peace bringers” through their personal sacrifice. 

I speak to the hearts of those who are awakened to the love and light of the Creator Consciousness. Not only those who are connected to spirit, but those who project and engage their lives for the good of others; those who have taken on the spiritual principles and implemented them within their lives. Your time for assistance is most needed going forward into the year ahead. As you know, the shift has occurred, the veil is thinned. With such spiritual resources available to each and all - use them well as co-creators of your world.

Become focused on bringing in the light and love from Creator, bring it into your soul bodies of light, the chakra systems of your soul and spirit, and expand it to your full magnetic field. Imagine the playing field in a sports stadium. This is approximately the size of your fully expanded magnetic field. Create this space so others who are within it or simply pass through, your light force field will have a positive effect on each and every one.

You can imagine teleporting your soul body of light in your merkaba to the hot spots around the world. Breathe deeply and bring in the love and light of Creator. And, as you exhale, fully expand your magnetic field of energy filing the area with a consciousness to shift the energy to one of peace and love. Know this will truly make a difference.

Be diligent in utilizing spiritual tools that work for you. If you have developed many, take them out of your spiritual tool box and use them daily. Rotate them; a spiritual tool for each unique situation. Become the talented one connected to the Source of the Creator Light and share the light and love through your gifts to empower those souls around you.

Do not forget your spiritual helpers, the Angelic Sources of Light as well as the Ascended Masters, those souls who walked among you and demonstrated the life of a human soul sharing and spreading the love and light of God, the Creator. Many spirit guides are also ready to assist, as well as, ancestors, family, friends who have passed; all are available when called upon.

May peace be with you.  May you recognize the light in others and assist them. Give a hand and receive a hand. May you join together to be the light bringers and light beings of your world. My dear ones do not forget who you are as co-creators, souls of light in human form. You each have the guidance, inner knowing, and talents to transform your world into a place of peace and love.

May the unseen forces of God, the Creator, become know within the hearts and minds of all human souls. Your hearts and love will unite your world. Bring on the light in 2015!

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

01 January 2014

2014 - The Year of Alignment

My Dear Ones:

A new year within the Earth plane is beginning. At this time, many souls anticipate what may unfold. This will be a year of many new announcements from all levels – governments, businesses, religious organizations, and even public and personal lives. An unveiling of truths of behind the scenes workings that can no longer prevail within the new year energies.

All structures will be re-aligning to love, truth, and integrity. Those structures whose missions were built upon falseness, untruths, and not benefiting the greater good of all will diminish their control or impact to your world. This process will unfold as headlines in the news, a rumor that becomes public, a shadow side that becomes revealed. Do not fear this will go down like dominoes; the effects will not topple existing structures but will force a re-alignment to the new year energies.

You see, shifts have been occurring internally within the human hearts. And, as each soul has made adjustments, this will be translated through the work they do – whether within a government, a corporation, a small business, or a school room. A visible external alignment will be implemented because the human heart has already made the internal shifts.

This will be a transformational year. Waves of these alignments will take place within the physical material elements of your world. What was put in place in 2013 allows the changes to begin implementation this year. The year 2014 will be the year that marks the visible Earthly impact of the new energies within human hearts. The internal shifts will have finally transcended and will begin to translate into changes in the world structures that govern your lives.

It will be a clearing alignment – one that sweeps through and occurs on all levels. The personal internal shifts within the hearts of the human souls have longed to see results within all structures within government, big business, small business, even the religious and special interest structures. All will be affected. The point here is, the alignments will be sweeping, but chaos will not result. The alignments are “heart friendly” as each soul will resonate to the overall change. It will carry a “heart resonance” of acceptance to each one.

Those who have not embraced the love energies of transformation within their own hearts will be the ones with a difficult time of embracing the external changes. But, the majority of souls will feel the “Shift of the Ages” is finding or gaining its momentum. It will be an “inherent knowing” and acceptance through faith that the spiritual realms and the souls upon the Earth have begun an alignment.

Human hearts are ready for this unfoldment. Each soul will be able to be more forthcoming about who they are, what they believe, and what they choose to support within their world. Restructuring will be gentle, easy although some disruption will occur. The difference is there will be a knowing that the interruption is temporary until all the pieces line up.

The human population will no longer sit back and allow. A movement towards action and support of the greater good will prevail. Trust this new year has the greatest potential. Support the alignments that allow your heart and soul to sing. Be assured whatever transpires will lead to even greater unfoldment to bring peace to your world.  

All are blessed.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

01 January 2013

2013 - The Year of Visible Transition

Dear Ones, we meet again.

This time we connect for a purpose of sharing information on the 2013 new year and the times ahead.

To see what the future holds, you need to step back in time to a place where the separation occurred and the God seed was encoded within each soul. The spirit within each soul was pure, untainted, fully aware, and with an understanding that all are united with the Creator energy and essence. This is a place within the spiritual realms where joy, and love, and peace preside. It is a beautiful existence filled with beauty and light.

Over time, these souls wished to experience life in a different manner – experience other worlds within the Creator’s own hand. Earth became one of the frontiers to experience the beauty and wonder of life outside of the spiritual realms.

And, so it was that souls came to Earth with no conscious memory of their true source and essence. And, along with this experience, they exercised free will – the right to choose how they lived their lives. You know of this human evolution from cultural and spiritual accounts of both oral and written scripture and history documenting how human souls transitioned within the Earthly environment.

So, we move forward to a time when the year 2013 is about to unfold. And, once again souls wish to experience something more. Memories of past incarnations and the current state of Earthly affairs have awakened many to the realization that what was experienced in the spiritual realms was not recreated on Earth. Sadly, so it is.

Many, many souls have come to this realization. And, the consciousness of the collective whole are tipping the scales to recreate a more balanced state of living where peace and joy can be experienced at all levels and within all forms of existence.

Know that what you long or hunger for is what many are feeling - the need to change the dynamics to experience life on Earth in a more joyful and balanced way of living. The energy of these thoughts, desires, prayers, and intentions is causing shifts of energy frequencies. It is not your imagination; it is indeed real. It is indeed occurring. It is indeed affecting Earth’s transition now.

So, dear ones, are you the souls who wish to experience the transformation of your planet to a more peaceful and loving environment? If so, every step, thought, and intention is manifesting a new world order. You may see yourself as one alone, but as each soul makes the choice to move forward with conscious clarity of instilling change within their world, a new dispensation will indeed unfold.

Many of you have been working on clearing your energy, finding your true path, and doing the work internally. All is good; you are primed to align with your inner truth and move forward. As each of you do this, the waves of energy will indeed have rippling affects within your environment – your home, work, community, and will move out like seismic quakes and shifts of transformation.

Some changes will be smooth transitions, and others will seem to topple the fearful controls that have governed your existence. Have faith the changes in your relationships, your governments, and the economics of world cultures will indeed be transformed. It is the result of implementing a balanced and peaceful solution to all aspects of life.

There are no predictions as to which places, or souls, or structures of human society will be most affected by the new energy. It will be a gradual shift for most, but be prepared for massive upheavals. It may seem devastating to many, but the overall result will be an alignment to the new consciousness.

So, how do you prepare for these grand scale shifts of energy? You have been given tools – spiritual tools – of clearing energy, and staying connected to Source – the Creator – the divine presence. Experiment and find those tools you feel are most effective. The main focus will be to stay within your own truth and keep balanced and clear from outside forces. Be true to your heart and consciously aware as you align to this truth. This is so important.

There may be further movement in realigning to new concepts and truths as fear loses its grip on you. Once you find your inner truth and balance, you will be guided to make changes within your immediate environments. Your home, your work, and even where you live, you will begin to feel an alignment - a synchronistic patterning that becomes your extended magnetic field surrounding you.

You will find the need to not only find peace within, but peace within the spaces of interaction. You will desire to have your inner essence visible in your external environment. This shift will come gradually for most, and others will make radical changes. Make no judgments on how others accept this change or enact the restructuring. Just trust it will occur as it is meant to be.

You will see your physical body as the human carrier of your true essence. You will find yourself making conscious choices on what you consume to fuel it. Bringing in light and love and divine presence as energy will indeed affect the denser matter of what you take in the way of food and products and other energy resources you use for comfort.

None of this is new to you. The point being made is that transformation will go beyond the “thinking stage.” Steps will be taken. Transformation will happen. The resulting shifts in energy will be visible to the human eye. Your heart will take precedence over choices and changes will be made. Have no doubt 2013 will be a tumultuous year. It will be the year that massive transformation will be implemented and the results will be monumental and much more visible.

Not all will see these changes as positive. Many lives, jobs, and communities will be affected. This is where you do not look at the event so much, but hold the end result as necessary and much needed to move your Earth to a more balanced state of existence for all life.

You have much help within the spiritual realms. And, you will find these connections will be your source of energy and knowledge to keep you balanced and in a loving perception to embrace change. Trust this is a mass scale movement. Each soul is placed within your world to experience change in however they are meant to experience it. No coincidences, no bad luck here, simply a placement for each soul’s choice on what they came to do to assist in the emergence of a new Earth.

All are blessed. All are loved. Each soul has all they need to transcend change. May you find your connection to the Creator energy and know this connection is your link to inspired thought, intuitive action, and a loving, peaceful existence.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

01 January 2012

2012 - Revelations of the Christ Within

Published in Sedona Journal of EMERGENCE!, Predictions 2012 & Beyond, December 2011 issue 


Greetings, Dear Ones:


Your world has reached the critical final steps of purging all energy not of the Divine love presence. This heart-centered love essence is also known as the Christ consciousness.


There are factions, or pockets, of energy within the Earth that do not radiate this love essence. But, as the Christ Consciousness prevails, these areas will quite simply dissolve, evaporate quickly to yield a peaceful solution. And, those that do not choose to radiate this love essence will simply find ways to leave your world. As more and more people become connected and united as one in love, the world order will find a peace that will prevail.


So, now beloveds, I ask each of you, “Where do you fit into this scheme of life unfoldment?” The choice is yours, as it always has been, to find the path which you belong. Spiritual material has been shared from messengers of truth and light from the divine realms – the hierarchy of the Creator, the Source, your God. Those whose hearts have been touched have been awakened to the possibilities that lie ahead.


Many will fear the new as their world will seem to crumble. Those who are struggling and those who seem lost are also being given new opportunities to make new choices based on love and expanded awareness. See this as a new beginning, a new awakening of peace, and a unified connection lifting all life to new heights and levels. See it as a transformation bringing Heaven to Earth.


Trust in this process of bringing new order to your world, your planet, and know many, many unseen forces are assisting in this glorious rebirth of Earth. No one is beyond help or beyond hope. Each soul is simply given choices on how they will proceed. It is an individual choice, but a collective process. Many will be joining through their hearts to manifest a new order on Earth. Rightful action with resonated truth will govern the way.


Many institutions will seem to topple, as will many governments. But, behold the opportunities presented to rebuild a world order on all levels and bring about a peaceful existence with divine order. Many new ways will be charted. Many will be started with good intentions, but the ones that prevail will be filled with choices made with love, integrity, and divine principles of truth.


Many processes will come out – steps to help you make this transition. Know the avenues and the steps; all the wisdom to transcend is within you. A heart guided from love is a true path, and the steps you take may not appear orderly, but trust in the process that simply unfolds.


Dear ones, never forget you are dearly loved and Heavenly guided. There is no need to be fearful, as these times have been foreseen and divinely planned. Simply see yourself as a willing participant – an intuitive actor - in the re-staging of planet Earth. Look forward to future events. See each event as one in a series forming the collective steps of Christ consciousness encompassing your Earth. The revelations of this consciousness are within each soul to embrace.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

01 January 2011

2011 - A Season of Change

Published in Sedona Journal of EMERGENCE!, February 2011


Greetings Dear Ones,


Times are indeed changing. And, just as the seasons change, so does the evolution of earth and mankind. Through it all it is a natural progression and one that will elevate and generate a new life replacing the old with the new.


As seasons change, so does the environment of the supporting systems. There is a rebirth, a renewal, one of hope for the revealing of the future. The world as you know it is undergoing extreme changes – not so apparent as yet, but as the new year progresses many events will unfold.


My message, beloveds, is for you to simply allow changes to unfold – within yourself, your family and friends, communities, countries, and your own dear planet, Mother Earth. See these changes with a clear heart – not one of sadness or pain, but one open to the new life that unfolds. Know these changes will initiate new beginnings for many.


Those who have a clear understanding of this process, and those who can remain heart-centered within themselves in spite of what they see, know, or experience will not be drawn into the turmoil, the chaos, the surrender of life to the cause.


Many who read these words are the ones with the understanding of the progression of life on Earth. Know that your light, your souls have been placed to assist in this process. Think of it as simply a season of change, a shift of energy all in all preparing the way for the new life to transition in peace, love, and balance. 


Many have spoken; many have volunteered to assist in the process. Those in human form, as well as those in spirit, as well as Mother Earth herself, and all the life forms she supports have a hand in this seasonal shift.


Find the peace in your heart, the wisdom of your soul, and the intuitions that will prompt you for your forward movement through all change. Know many are assisting and it will be a time of many miracles that will touch many hearts, and will raise the consciousness of your planet to higher levels of understanding. 


My beloveds, tap into the love that surrounds you. It will sustain you through all that is planned and orchestrated in the year 2011. You have the spiritual tools to assist you. Many have been “in training” and the events going forward will require you to intuitively know when to use them.


As each new season begins, unfolds, and comes to a close, there is a promise of change – a shift into another new season that will be beautifully revealed. View this coming year as a season of time with purpose, transition, and renewal.


Go in Peace,


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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