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16 August 2016

Let Us Sit and Connect...

Dear Ones:

We are here...it has been some time, but no need for concern. All is as it should be.

The oneness with God is always there. Time and space do not matter here. Communication is always yours upon asking for assistance and guidance.

In troubling times, the humanness of each soul forgets these pathways of communication to light and love. In the busyness of life, a rush occurs to react, engage, and move on. But, it is the quiet times, the still times, the intention to make full contact by stilling the mind, opening the heart, and activating the mind. It is only a matter of intention to stop, clear, and engage.

Bask now in our light and love. The essence of light engulfs you - uplifting, transcending, and calming. Feel the oneness of all here in the heavenly realms. This peace is readily and always available to those who ask.

So come dear ones, let us sit and connect…(You can visualize yourself sitting - facing and holding hands with Archangel Gabriel.)

Know you will always be protected, loved, and supported. Know this to be true. Never doubt.

Go now - you have what you need - the clearance is done. Your soul is re-united with the love and light of God, the Creator. Carry this in your heart.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

11 July 2015

The Loving Attitude of Graditude

You are the human carriers of God’s love and light. Never forget this. Plant your seeds with purpose - with love, laughter, and promise - to create peace within your world.


Live with “the loving attitude of gratitude” within your hearts.


You may use this decree or prayer:


“Thank you, God, for life, love, and lessons.

I am grateful for all the beauty,

And the many blessings in my life.”


~ Archangel Gabriel ~



This decree or prayer is found in Archangel Gabriel’s channeled book, "Look Within, You Hold the Power to Inner Peace."

21 June 2015

Softening the Edges of Your Rough Spots

Within the Angelic Realms, we have been observing - forever present as your life transpires. Allow us more presence within your life activities - as your calm, love, and peace will be restored.


Be true to yourself. Speak always from your heart. Keep your connection to God, the Creator, and you will be placed and supported with many angels who will walk with you and “soften the edges” of the rough spots you encounter. Be sound of mind - clear headed - in your thinking. Ask for the light of God to assist.


May you never forget our presence - our willingness - to assist. Your heart may feel broken, but through love and the Creator’s light - it will heal and mend. Your heart will once again be full of joy and goodness and beat to the love ever present within you.


You are loved and blessed.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

07 June 2015

Your Ever Faithful Guardian

Most see me as their protector - their angelic helper to call on when the dark forces are near. My sword and shield will indeed overpower both seen and unseen sources causing havoc, interference, and fear. Know me as your ever faithful guardian - smoothing your way through the “crossfires and pitfalls” of your life.


Know the love you carry inside you will pass through these shields - reaching out to others and the environment surrounding you. You may feel vulnerable by being so open to share this love and light, but with my shields surrounding you - the fear and darkness will not permeate. You will remain protected while being surrounded in the Creator’s love and light.


Call on me and my army of Angelic Warriors - ever ready to defend the love and light and goodness of God’s creation within your Earthly world.


Forever yours to call upon,


~ Archangel Michael ~

24 May 2015

True Gifts from Heaven

Dear Ones,


As always - allow your heart to stay open as you read through these words. Inspiration will guide you and rekindle the feelings within each message. Your heart will open, your crown expand - to receive the outpouring of love and light of God, the Creator, and the Angelic Realms.


May these words console you. May they inspire you to move through your life knowing these feeling within you are true gifts from the heavenly source of many who guide you.


You are truly one with God, the Creator, giving you hope and direction for each daily encounter. May you embrace this goodness which ever surrounds you.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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