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10 July 2012

Your Energy Imprint

Greetings, Dear Ones:

Again, we tell you – relax. Be at peace. Release the worries, the confusion, the reviews of your past, the doubts of the future.

Take in the love and light each day of God, your Creator. Feel this energy within you. Experience the expansion of your heart and the movement of your essence beyond the confines of your physical body. Know in your heart and mind your existence is beyond the physical body you think of as “Self.”

This expansiveness is the “energy imprint” you have upon your world. Take a moment each day to ignite your love and light. If you see yourself beyond the physical boundaries, you will begin to appreciate your ability to make an impact upon your environment and planet.  

Those in spirit recognize your “energy imprint.” As you develop more confidence in your abilities, you too, will recognize the grandeur of your presence on your planet and the universal contributions your presence has to the forces within God’s galaxy of creation.

All are blessed.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

10 June 2012

Ask for the God in You to Assist

The most important concept for humans to embrace is the simple truth that they are connected to God, the Creator, at all times. Separation occurs when you look at choices not through the eyes of God, but through your own fears, disappointments, and the limiting belief that you have no control or say over the outcome of your life events.

The truth, dear ones, is that you always have choices. Some may be harder to make. Some may appear to have no "good" alternatives. But, know you always have an alternative as seen as a higher perspective of the outcome. Part of choice is the lesson you learn as a result of your choices.

Drama may unfold or difficulties may result, but this may have been the choice to learn more about yourself, or another person you encounter. These insights simply may have been life decisions helping you to fulfill the life lessons to bring you to enlightenment.    

Outcomes can be experienced with “grace and ease” by looking within – asking for the God in you to assist. Listen closely to the answer. Have the courage to implement the choice. Have the faith you are divinely guided.

You are blessed.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

20 May 2012

Annular Solar Eclipse with Full Moon

Greetings, Dear Ones,

It is a most beautiful time to meet and share insights and love.

The planets within your universe – the mechanics of the solar system of planets and stars – are in placement for a grand alignment – a unity among all. This is a perfect time to meditate and connect to the collective energies meant to transform the consciousness of all life going forward.

The energies are most pronounced. At some level, your soul is already connecting to the energies of those souls who are assisting in this grand shift of consciousness. The energy feels good – a lightness – a sense of calmness, with a strong undercurrent or “pulse” of energy felt among many.

Does it not bring a sense of peace, of a loving source that brings enlightenment to your soul? It brings hope and “can do energy” to recharge each soul.

Enjoy the day. Put loving thoughts and energies out to all around you. Connect to nature and the unseen forces that sustain your planet. Feel the expansiveness of the God force energy all around you.

Tap in. Connect. Be at peace.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

20 April 2012

The Choice Is Yours

All souls are led to their own choices. Even more so now as many are finding their paths. No judgments, no worries – a Divine Plan is simply unfolding.


So, dear ones, you always have a choice - most times many choices. And, as always, run your choices through your heart to see if the resonance agrees with you. Let this be the guiding factor in all you do.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

18 March 2012

Special Message to Ones Who Hold the Light

This is addressed to the faithful, the way showers, the ones who hold the light:

Never doubt the love and faith your soul carries within itself. The love that ignites within you is the light of connectedness to the higher realms.

Do not hide the light. Give yourself permission to shine brightly. Your example is indeed recognized by many and the simple process of your heavenly connection is an awareness many can indeed recognize at a deep level.

Be that bright light. A loving glow that brings peace and calmness to others. Know this in itself is what defines you.

You are blessed.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~