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16 August 2016

Let Us Sit and Connect...

Dear Ones:

We are here...it has been some time, but no need for concern. All is as it should be.

The oneness with God is always there. Time and space do not matter here. Communication is always yours upon asking for assistance and guidance.

In troubling times, the humanness of each soul forgets these pathways of communication to light and love. In the busyness of life, a rush occurs to react, engage, and move on. But, it is the quiet times, the still times, the intention to make full contact by stilling the mind, opening the heart, and activating the mind. It is only a matter of intention to stop, clear, and engage.

Bask now in our light and love. The essence of light engulfs you - uplifting, transcending, and calming. Feel the oneness of all here in the heavenly realms. This peace is readily and always available to those who ask.

So come dear ones, let us sit and connect…(You can visualize yourself sitting - facing and holding hands with Archangel Gabriel.)

Know you will always be protected, loved, and supported. Know this to be true. Never doubt.

Go now - you have what you need - the clearance is done. Your soul is re-united with the love and light of God, the Creator. Carry this in your heart.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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