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21 November 2009

The Divine Love Within

It is up to each soul to find the Divine love within – no one can give you this love – you simply have to find it. It is coming to the realization that Divine love is loving yourself as you love God – as you are God consciousness.

Once a soul finds this love within - it will fill the soul body – and it will quite simply overflow to all that surrounds you – the soul will simply “radiate love.” It will become a natural state from which to live. Life will have meaning. Life will take on a purpose as love will be the prevailing theme. Your path will simply unfold and you will go forward with love, truth, wisdom, and light.

Humans have such a hard time grasping this concept. Life lessons are presented to learn this basic truth of life on Earth. There are many ways to express the love of God. Many religions have been found to awaken and lead souls back to God. No one religion is the “right” way. The “right” way is found within in your own heart and the personal connection you make to God, your Creator.

So, the human soul has to find the connection to God that is “right” for them. Many options, many opportunities to find the experiences that feel right in their hearts. More ”lights” will be going on in hearts as your time moves on. Those who have found a connection to God will live life with love. No matter what the prevailing world consciousness will be, those who live their life with love will be given the life choices to bring them into a life filled with love, joy, balance, and abundance.

When love is your predominate life factor, fear has no place in your life. Love replaces all fear. So, the choice to live with love becomes the most important choice for any soul. Choose wisely – the choice is yours to make.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~ 

06 August 2009

Spiritual Tool for Opening Your Heart

Dear Ones:

These are tremulous times affecting all facets in life – individuals, families, societies, and nations. All are affected.

Make your connection daily to God, your Creator, to assist you in your day to day activities. This will keep you balanced and allow the flow of love to come into your physical bodies. You can then experience this love in your every day actions, conversations, and thought patterns.

Here is a spiritual tool for you to use to fill your heart with love and make your connection to God, the Creator:  Simply relax, and close your eyes and focus your attention on your heart. Now, think of a situation or experience when you felt the love overflowing in your heart….Is it a favorite song that moves you with its melody, or the first time you recognized and made a connection to your true love, or is it the innocent smile of a newborn baby held gently in your arms?

Can you feel the movement in your heart and the tingling in your physical body as you capture these moments? This is a simple tool to use to open your heart and feel the expansiveness of this love energy. You may think of many situations that cause your heart to open, and even write them down - list them out on a sheet paper to help you remember and capture these feelings that bring you great joy and great love.

By having your heart full – or in the “expansive state of love” – you are connected to God’s love and light – it is that simple to ignite this feeling within you. And once you are in that expansive state you will feel the life force of God work through you. Share this love with those you come in contact with – your family, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances.

If at any time you find yourself out of sorts - having taken on negative or angry energies, or distracting or fearful thoughts - go through this exercise again. Find what it is that opens your heart to love. Do this throughout your day. It is just that easy, just that quick.

It is up to you to choose the joyful loving existence to bring you in balance with a sense of love, peace, and harmony.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~     

20 June 2009

Challenges and Imbalances

Greetings Dear Ones,

All are coming into their own lessons or choices on their life journeys and experiences. It is no coincidence that turmoil is the prevailing theme in so many. As the vibrations on earth are rising, those areas within each life that are not in balance will “show itself” and need to be addressed before balance is restored in each one.

Do not see the challenge or imbalance as a bad thing. See it as the right timing – circumstances are “pre-set” for the moment to finally address the challenge or imbalance. The more difficult a situation or challenge seems is at the heart a fear to overcome – a fear of confrontation, a fear of expressing your innermost self, or a fear of standing up to the pressures put around you.

Overcome your fears by asking for guidance and listening to your heart in finding the right response and taking that courageous step to pass through your lesson with love, assurance, and complete trust. Just call in your guides and angels as we will come to assist - you do not have to go through it alone.

If you are personally going through a challenge or imbalance, look deep within your heart for what is the right choice or decision for your soul. Ask for help – in prayer or meditation – to assist for your highest and best good. Go within and listen closely. Run each choice or decision through your heart – feel the resonance – how does each feel? Always know you will be protected. This challenge is presented to you in such a manner that you may now make the right choice to clear this obstacle from your path and move on with life in finding balance and inner peace.

For those friends or family you see struggling - yes, it is a helpless feeling to observe their dilemmas and challenges. Send them love and God’s white light to lift them up to face their fears.  Put pink and gold light around them – pink for healing love energy, and gold for transformational energy. Be available to offer a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen, but not to direct their choices. Allow them to face them and make their own conscious choices, or allow them to avoid and bury any chance of a peaceful or balanced resolution. Trust this is only temporary as the challenge or imbalance will resurface again.

Many of the most difficult lessons are the very challenges each soul pre-planned to learn or experience while embodied on earth. Know that each soul is loved and Divine assistance is always available when called forth. Despite what some may believe – God is full of grace and mercy and has you in his blessings to grow and learn from the lessons presented to you.

Never forget you are a child of God and are loved beyond measure – no matter what choices you make. Your life is the stage where your drama unfolds and your ending depends on how you embrace the challenges and imbalances presented to you.

With Much Love and Guidance,

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

20 May 2009

Your Natural State

Each person, each soul embodies all the love and beauty of creation within it – each one. Grandeur does not have to be forced or “created” as it already exists. Each human, each life form is grandeur and glory all in itself.

It is the environment of being embodied in the earth plane where there is so much distraction that the true essence is not felt. Enlightenment is coming to the terms of recognizing these qualities are inherent in all life forms. It is a rediscovery process of love and light within that beckons to be glorified and magnified.

This process is simple, but so difficult to comprehend. It truly is taking away all doubt, all fear, all confusion, and finding at the core – the very essence of who you are – just a beautiful soul full of love and light living with the full knowing that all is right.

There is a balance that comes without effort – without force – without fear or doubt – just love. This is your natural state. Just become it – believe it – be it.

~Archangel Gabriel ~

12 May 2009

Compassionate Hearts

You are all dearly loved – each one - no more, no less - than anyone else; all are loved equally. This is as God, the Creator, manifested your world – your planet. This amazing love energy encompasses all life – not just the humans, but animals, plants - all life forms, all matter. Know without a doubt the love essence surrounds each one.

Practice feeling this love daily and send it out to all that surrounds you, encompassing your thoughts, your intentions, and your activities. Know that just as God you can love all, too. Make no judgments, no definitives - set no parameters on what "deserves" love at this time. All are deserving as all are equal in the eyes of God.

As you know this, as you understand this, recognize that love has no boundaries as to what situations, or people, or events are more worthy. All are worthy - all are deserving - all will benefit from the love energy.

Hold this compassion in your heart for all you come in contact with throughout your day. Do not be put off by any anger, jealousy, or vindictive behaviors - love it all and bless the experience as you release the negative energy.

Never forget you are a child of God surrounded in his love and light. As you share this love and light with others, your world will transform - the ones you send it to will benefit as well as yourself - as the energy you send out will attract more of the same to be sent back to you. Understand this concept, as the more you understand it, you will be more confident in sending out your love and compassion to others without judgment or constraint.

The heavens are open to your prayers. All are blessed.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~