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31 December 2014

October through December 2014 – “The Dry Months”

Dear Spiritually Speaking Weblog Readers,

The last quarter of 2014 was a very busy and challenging time in my personal life. I simply did not make the time to be still - with pen in hand - to add to the Spiritually Speaking Weblog.

Life has been good, just busy. But now, as the new year begins, many commitments and distractions have found an enriching completion. Therefore, my pen is no longer “dry,” but will flow with even more messages from Archangel Gabriel and many others within the Angelic Realms.

Was I blocked from the “angelic touch?” Absolutely not! - as they are with me constantly. It merely was to sit and write to post for the weblog. In truth, I called on them for my own life situations – nothing of interest to share through this weblog!

I do feel there is “magic in the air” for 2015. My choice is to tap into the magic and share whatever messages are presented. I challenge each of you to do the same - tap in and find those moments of clarity and peace!

~ Cathleen ~