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06 October 2012

Grooming for Change

Dear Ones,

Your souls are undergoing tremendous change – a transformation indeed. Pieces are starting to become solidified as absolute truth within. All is good, and in good time.

Your efforts are noted. A true desire ignited within your soul. A recognition that any movement forward requires adjustments to behavior and past patterning. Know there is no hurry. Know that how change plays out is in perfect order.

Continue to “groom” yourself. Each change creates a reconfiguration within you. Circumstances will be available not yet visible. Know all that is presented to you is an opportunity for growth, understanding, and assimilation.

Be humble. Be content. Know healing is taking place.

It is done.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

30 September 2012

Streaming Love Energy

Dear Ones,

Embrace the love you hold within your hearts each day by asking for the Divine presence of God, your Creator, to flow within you. Allow this love to cleanse your physical essence. Visualize this love expanding your heart center and moving throughout your body. It makes no difference how this process is done.

When you feel the love streaming through every part of your physical body, visualize it emanating from your heart and expanding the love radiance surrounding you. Feel the presence of unconditional love. Share it with all you come in contact with throughout each day.

Go peacefully.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

20 August 2012

You as the Conduit of Spiritual Energy

The collaboration between the physical world and those in spirit is available at any time. It is the unseen forces that are often overlooked by those in the physical matter world.

The spiritual realms are available to all. It becomes a matter of choice – of inclusion – of intention - to invoke the higher aspects of love, truth, and wisdom. Each and all have this connection. Make conscious effort to include the spiritual realms in all personal endeavors. It is a mighty source that can be invoked in all that you undertake in your physical world.

Begin to see yourself as the conduit of spiritual energy, or as a conductor - orchestrating the physical world by calling upon the spiritual realms to become a joint force. Can you not see the beautiful blending of both - creating melodies of energy from the combined forces - making change and promoting love within your world?

This is is the “complete package” of the whole of you. See all that you encompass as much more than your physical self. Invoke the light of God within you, and align to the higher aspects of love and truth and light.  Your talents and abilities will be enhanced – an attunement of energy will result. It will affect your physical self as well as those you come in contact with – a true transformation of healing energy.

Feel the energy and feel the love. Let it overflow to all around you.

All are blessed.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

04 August 2012

The "Gem" that Begs to Shine

My messages are very similar – encouraging all to tap into the God spark within each soul. All the love, light, and wisdom is indeed within.

The spiritual path is one that re-aligns and clears away all doubt and fear to uncover the soul essence – the pure spirit of each soul. See it as a clearing and cleansing. Some may see it as a chore – equivalent to real house cleaning. Others may see it as an adventure or a polishing that will bring one closer and closer to the “gem” that begs to shine.

So, look at your present life and see it as the whole of all you need to undo, clear, and clean up. Lessons presented to uncover the beauty of each soul – the gem with the God seed encoding.

All are blessed.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

01 August 2012

Think "Grand"

The human expression is the heavenly angelic source of God as a presence on earth - the earth bound carriers of the essence of God blending heaven and earth.


So, do not think of yourself as “merely human,” but think of yourself as a Divine presence on earth. The love of God and the Creator forces are within you. Your grandness is so much more than you can imagine.


So, think “Grand,” dear ones.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~