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09 May 2015

The Warm Glow of Creator's Love and Light

You are here - here within the Angelic Realms. As Archangel Gabriel I speak to you once again. No need for fear about these connections. It is true; it is pure. It fulfills the purpose of conveying the messages of love and light. I speak to all of heavy heart, full of doubt and fear, full of loss, and feelings of hopelessness or abandonment.


Know simply this:  You are loved and guided by the love and light of God, the Creator, and the angelic hosts of many angels. When you are most in despair - step aside, displace all thoughts and welcome in God’s love and light. Take a moment to allow the “wash” of the light to envelope you. Feel it pour down upon you - like a gentle mist to rinse away those fearful conditions. Then, feel the light surround you - as a comforting blanket of love and light and goodness.


Allow your heart to open - a willingness to accept the warm glow of the connection to the Creator’s love and light. Feel this connection as a source to recharge you with love, faith, and hope. Be ready to embrace the guidance you feel within you as a motivating source of power to carry you through each difficult life situation.


Know this ability to carry the love and light of God within you will sustain you in these challenging times.


You are dearly loved,

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

26 April 2015

Human Creators Within God's World

Every human soul has many opportunities to connect to the love and light of God, the Creator, in each and every moment. Ignite the light of God within you each day - keep the flame strong - rekindle it with your own acts of kindness to other humans or other life forms within the realms of Mother Earth.

Create your own beauty to manifest within God’s creation. The power to bring goodness and light is inherent within each soul. Making the connection to God, the Creator, as your “spark” to emanate through your heart, hands, voice, and actions each day. Become the “human creator” within God’s World.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

11 April 2015

Times of New Potential

Sit with us a while...absorb the energy of the Angelic Realms…may this energy calm you, sooth you, and reconnect you to the goodness known as the heavenly connection to God, your Creator.


Each human soul goes through life and comes to various crossroads. An injury, an illness, a loss of someone very dear, a loss of a job or home or “status” within communities. Many face these challenges as a true devastation or a loss of purpose to continue.


Once the loss is processed, these are the life opportunities to turn to God, the Creator, for comfort, love, and support. A human soul may feel extreme angst - but love, support, and inspiration are readily available through the connection of seeking God, the Creator, within your life.


Through quiet times, moments of prayer - utilizing the spiritual tools and practices for connection - hope and inspiration abound. The beauty of this process is the knowledge of how these moments of connection - truly lift the soul - from the situation at hand. It is through God’s emanating presence - the heart opens, the light of God is received, and the love energy of this connection moves a soul forward to new beginnings with the potential of many opportunities. Trust this to always be true.


You are never alone, never unsupported, and never unloved. Allow yourself a clean slate - a time to seek new purpose, new direction, new awareness - a time of new potential of moving forward in your life.  

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

15 March 2015

One Minute Tune-Ups

Dear Ones,

We are here; take time to notice - these Halls of Light are peaceful and full of love and light. Many here exist within the Realms of Angelic Consciousness. We are the chosen to serve God, the Creator. We uplift hearts and minds of all life on Earth. We are always present - ever present. Just call on us and we are with you.

As a human on Earth, there are many distractions, many different option or choices, many ways to be “too busy” in making these connections. But, just the same, there are many quiet moments when the time to connect is possible. Make this an intention to find many of these moments throughout your day.


These moments are welcomed by many in spirit. Think of these as ”one minute tune-ups” a moment to re-charge the love and light of God, the Creator, within you.


You are blessed.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

11 February 2015

Spring in Your Heart

Dear Ones:


Just as there are seasons in nature - when plant life is born in spring, and matures through growth in the summer, and ages to harvest in the fall, and becomes dormant in winter - so do all human life cycles follow this pattern. The magic is not to look at age as in years on Earth, but to look at the measurement of life expectancy within your hearts.


Is your life in the “birthing and youth” cycle of spring? Happy to explore, discover, and be thrilled at what you find? You can be any “season” you desire. Some actually follow the cycles of the moon and the seasons upon your earth. You can always choose - such as “spring” in your heart, your mind, and what you manifest in your world.

So, “spring” into action, dear ones. May your hearts be merry and light and rejoice in what is around you. Create newness and expectancy of great beauty and peace within your world.

Each are blessed.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~