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25 April 2014

I Am Ready...All Are Here

Dear Ones, I am ready…

The process for you to connect with spirit does not take as long as before as the veil was lifted. Your energy throughout your day connects to the Light of God, the Creator. It is only a matter of time to clear the head of other thoughts, set intention, connect with spirit, and begin communication.

All are here - all your guides and angels of support. We share our love and light with all who request it and call on us for support, or encouragement, or simply experience the peace and love we share.

The Angelic Realm is indeed real. It is one of the many dimensions of Higher Consciousness. We do indeed have an existence and purpose within the Universe of God, the Creator’s Plan.

You may come to us at any time with questions for general guidance or simply be surrounded by our love. Call on us every day with regularity and you will begin to see the difference our presence makes in your life.

All are loved.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

09 April 2014

A Spring Clean Charge

Spring time is a time of new beginnings – where the new growth buds on trees, or is visible in the flowers that break ground and bloom - adding beauty to your world.


Spring cleaning is a phrase used to clean up and clear out your homes and spaces that collect debris, clutter, and physical things no longer holding value or purpose.


Spring cleaning can be taken even further as you spring clean the spaces within your physical bodies. Clear the mind of old patterns or thoughts - the fearful thinking which has consumed your time; dust them out. Visually see you sweep them out. Your mind will become a clear vessel of love, light, and ideas to bring peace and happiness into your lives.


Find other ways to spring clean the physical body. Be mindful of what you do physically – how much you move throughout your day, and what food and drink you consume. You may feel guided to do a cleanse or a fasting to purge out toxins and chemicals within your glands, and blood, and muscles.


Ask for the love and light of God, the Creator, to assist – to sweep clear the physical body and in place of the debris and pockets of fear and doubt, replace it with love, light, and peace - filling and soothing all empty spaces. Once done, feel the hope and renewal this process brings your heart and soul. Feel the newness and the joy it brings you – a “spring clean charge.”


May you embrace the love and guidance available to you. Feel refreshed, replenished, and filled with Divine Love and Light.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

02 March 2014

Trust in Divine Guidance

It takes courage to look at each area in your life, in your home, in your relationships to bring the peace you so desire. Learn to face those challenges with an open heart. Be honest with yourself, and those involved. Take a deep breath, connect to your heart, and allow the Divine Essence within you to speak on your behalf. Trust your inner guidance will bring about the change most needed for your happiness.

Trust in Divine Guidance. 

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

03 February 2014

Create Your Spaces of Opportunity

Dear Ones,

No one is blocking your path. It is the inner battle you face each day. There is always time. You create the spaces of opportunities each day. Know each soul has the template to be a “miracle worker” within their world. The smaller things will be taken care of if the larger plan is carried through.

Trust this is your birthright as each soul is patterned as having the God seed within them.

You are loved.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

27 January 2014


Dear Ones,

Just imagine you are whole, complete, and fully connected to the light of God within you. Your perspective is one of wholeness, Oneness, and the greater plan is part of your blueprint. The higher perspective is fully understood. Does this seem impossible? Is this really so farfetched? Can you not imagine each soul has this understanding, wisdom, and truth within them?

This is the truth. All souls do have access to this greater absolute truth. It is merely setting intentions to align to this information. Calling upon God, the Creator, and the heavenly host of angels to assist is the transformation of each soul.

Set your intentions to connect to the light of God each day. Open up to the goodness, the light, the love and make a difference within your world. Each small step leads to greater unfoldment of bringing peace, love, and beauty to your world.

All are blessed. All are loved. Choose wisely.  

~ Archangel Gabriel ~