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21 December 2013

A Carrier of Spiritual Messages

The channeling experience validates the connection to spirit for each soul. All can do this by setting intentions and becoming a “carrier” of the messages from spirit to human thinking. Connectivity and accuracy of the information is truer as the human learns to raise their energy to reach into the higher realms of the spiritual hierarchy.

If each soul were to take time each day to connect to spirit, then messages will begin to come forth. But again, the true message needs to be filtered through a human who has learned to raise their frequency – their quotient of light – to bring the message “unfiltered” through human ego and translation. This becomes the challenge, and those messages will carry a resonance that will touch the hearts of others to validate its truth.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

23 October 2013

Go in Goodness and Step in Strength

Within the overall plan, all is good. Each day you strive to perfect your essence. Each day is an attempt to keep your heart open and be the spiritual compass as you navigate through your experiences.

You truly are angels on assignment. The experiences you encounter each day brings a new opportunity to do things differently – see things from a larger perspective – to step out of fear based conditioning and embracing the love within yourself. And, an opportunity of seeing others “with the eyes of God as your creation." Count these events as the miracles in your day to day encounters.

If each soul, each person had this perspective and goal each day, the waves of change will indeed be felt within your world. See this as your personal challenge, or as your “lightworker” or “light being” presence on Earth.

Go in goodness and step in strength. May your hearts be pure and your intent be steady.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

15 September 2013

Find Peace Within You

Dear Ones, we meet again:

So many things – so much is happening. You do not need to get caught up in the dramas. Connect to the God light within you – the Divine spark – and you have the joy, the love, and the peace instantly within you. Never doubt.

Go inside to this sacred place and you can experience other places. Imagine you are in a place of great beauty whether it is a mountain retreat with tall whispering pine trees all around, or the view of the ocean with a soft breeze and sounds of the waves.

You can use your imagination to visualize yourself there, but make no mistake – the energy and peace you find in other places can be with you now. You may think of it as “remote viewing” as you indeed bring the energy of each place to your present every day moments.

May your peace be found inside you.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

04 July 2013

Bring It On!

Greetings, Dear Ones:


Each soul has countless possibilities in how their experiences unfold on Earth. Daily new opportunities are presented, but it is up to each soul as to what is experienced and the path they choose.


Ask for the Divineness in you to guide you – the God spark within each soul. Listen to your heart and your feelings from this internal guidance. The choices may seem “safe” at times, and at other times, you may be directed to step out of your comfort levels.


Trust what transpires is for your highest good. Continually ask for those in spirit to assist you as you progress and experience whatever is presented before you. Set your intention for the lessons your soul came to Earth to realize. Sort of a “bring it on” attitude with full knowing the Divine within and your angelic helpers and guides are in full alignment for the final outcome.


No worries, no fears. Connect, engage, and have faith.


You are loved,

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

12 May 2013

Mother's Day 2013

This is a day of remembrance - a day set aside to honor “Mother” – the one that gave you life and nourishment. As you give love and acknowledgement to your own birth mother, also give thanks to Mother Earth as the provider of life for your Earthly world. Honor the life she provides to all Earth Children.


Be kind, give thanks.


With Much Love,


~ Archangel Gabriel ~