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05 December 2010

Outcomes of Choices

My Beloveds,


Know there are no punishments for choices. Each choice brings about lessons. At a deep soul level, you choose those lessons to grow - to prosper – in utilizing the gifts of connectedness.


Outcomes are the way you process the choices – given the spiritual tools used to work through your lessons. This may be challenging.


Bring love and light into your physical bodies each day. Ask for “The God in me to lead the way.”


~ Archangel Gabriel ~  

05 June 2010

Balance in Energy Exchanges

Hello, dear ones,

The subject is balance - in all things – all matters – as it relates to human experiences. The concept of “equal exchange” is related to balance and can be a difficult one to master. Equal exchange means simply equal energy between all life forms. Equal is defined as all aspects are in complete balance - alignment.

To exchange a service for money, both souls need to feel that the service is equal to the monetary exchange. Both souls need to feel that the service is justified or valued by the price paid.

When one gives their services for free, the balance is only equal when the soul is truly operating from an open heart. When no value is assigned – it is simply heart given.

Situations can occur when “favors” are thrown into the mix. ”Can you do this for me as a favor?” Meaning, “Can you open your heart for this knowing you will have no equal exchange except pleasure knowing you are ready to assist – it is heart given?”

When souls are not honest – not sharing or defining what an equal exchange is, or if it is not freely given out - this is when the exchange is not in balance. This can create hard feelings and the flow of energy between the souls is unequal - out of balance.

Also, a contributing factor is that many lightworkers struggle with equal compensation. Many want to be giving of the heart – equating to doing their work at little or no exchange, or for less than what they feel is equal – can create resentment or an off-balance feeling resulting in negative exchanges – not equal in kind.

If a lightworker feels an unequal exchange for their services, they can renegotiate the exchange so that the energy of the services is equaled. Open discussion between the souls is encouraged to keep that loving, equal balance. You may feel that what you want is equal, but it is not always the other soul’s perspective. In which case, an adjustment to the exchange may need to be made – to where the souls involved are feeling in balance.

Does spirit have this same perspective?

When a soul works with spirit, there is an energy exchange – consciousness is shared – love is exchanged. It is an equal exchange. How souls choose to share this information is entirely up to them. Many are doing this for a living, so a monetary value is assigned to this service. To not charge for a service - or to offer it for next to nothing - is a reflection in the health and wellness of that individual soul. Many souls who do this light work have low self esteem, so this is a lesson to learn and overcome.

Finding that balance of energy is most difficult for humans. It is indeed a barter system at best. The key is to come to a place – a set energy – where all are happy and in balance.

How does spirit view the sharing or the copying of copy write material?

Copying or sharing the material without an exchange leaves the situation out of balance. The service or method of exchange has a pre-determined value – the amount designated – and souls who copy the material are by-passing the exchange.

Does it diminish the benefit of the material – say it is spiritual material?

It only diminishes the exchange of the material if the person who did the copying or borrowing knows and feels that imbalance.

Should we feel guilty when we cannot do a service for free – from our heart?   

If it is not an equal exchange in your eyes, then it is as simple as that. There are many services or things you can give freely, but you will know intuitively when the service or work involved is not to be given for free. When an unequal exchange is noted – hence any resentment you are holding in your heart – it means you detect an unequal exchange. This is seeing it from a higher perspective.

~Archangel Gabriel ~

12 May 2010

Unconscious Blocks

Many walls and blocks are being perceived around many of the lightworkers. And, needing to find an external cause is the natural reaction. Unconscious blocks are in place, but undetectable in the conscious mind, so fault or blame is looked for as to the cause of the present difficulties.

It is important to ensure that every thought and spoken word is the vibration you choose to attract. Trust that all will fall out or prevail for your personal desires to manifest. So often the little things – actions, ideas, and thoughts – take hold that are not at all in alignment with the overall desires. So, it actually is the wall or block that goes undetected.

This is why manifestation is so important now. Understanding how it really works is key. Critical mass is not fulfilled when there is doubt, or feelings of lack, or unworthiness. In some cases, what comes to the surface is not released. It hangs around your aura and “pollutes” it - in a sense. Auras need to be cleared to release those thought forms and negative attachments.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

03 May 2010

Conscious Choices for Food

Eat healthy, dear ones. Throw out your scales. Make conscious choices as you make deciding which spiritual teacher or healer you work with. It is simply looking at food as nourishment – as substance to sustain your physical body. Eat what Mother Nature provides for you. Keep it simple – food in its most natural state.


Also talk to your cells and organs. Ask your cellular and organic ego to take charge of your physical body – to go through and rid yourself of all toxic waste and toxic thought patterns that are stuck within you. Ask to have this ego in charge when you shop for food. Ask it to direct you to healthy ways of storing and preparing your food. You have the ability to do this – so there is no new “diet plan” or book to follow. If a food choice resonates within you – then know this is your inner guidance.


Here is a decree to use - I release all toxic conditions within my physical body that no longer serve me. I ask for my cells and organs to function at full capacity to process my intake of food for my highest and best good, and release all else. So be it.


You are on the right path if you find yourself eating less processed food, food with less chemical additives, and no genetically altered foods. This is what will work best for you. Supplements can be taken, but take up the healthy eating first – then you may find you are guided to those supplements you need to take on. But, for now, baby steps…as you humans say.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

17 April 2010

Bump Up Your Choices

Hold tight, dear ones. All energy is appearing to be “bumping up” against each other. It is affecting all life on earth.

Choices will be presented to you to learn to make decisions from a spiritual perspective. It is time to release old patterns of behavior and thoughts. Go within and ask for Divine guidance to ensure your choices are made from love and are presented from an enlightened perspective.

Know the circumstances are merely tests in learning how to recognize a choice is to be made, and learning how to re-set old thoughts and patterns to result in an outcome of the highest intent. Breaking old patterns is key in moving you forward.

Know you will always have Divine help and love, if you ask for this assistance. Take a deep breath before each thought, deed, or spoken word, and ask to be Divinely led for the highest good of your soul and those around you.

Be mindful that truth and integrity govern you, and trust that all souls involved are equally loved. Also, know other souls will be making new choices and decisions, too. So, hold no past grudges - be pleasantly surprised.

Go in peace.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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