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07 October 2011

It is Time

Greetings, Dear Ones,


Time – it is time. Many things are being presented around you - situations that challenge your beliefs. These are the last pieces of total alignment for your soul to bring into perspective what elements of self discovery are yet to be realized.


There comes a time when full alignment will take form. It will become your being. Not always the same manner, not always the same circumstances as those around you. All will transpire at the appropriate moment.


Pay attention to what still surfaces in your day to day interactions. All are mirrors to each other. Each and all are the pieces or parts of the total oneness – the collective spirit and consciousness of mankind.


 ~ Archangel Gabriel ~

23 September 2011

Love and Benevolence for All

Each soul has the ability to connect, to listen, and to be a clear communicator of truth and wisdom. Your heart is the true source of direction.


There are many changes being made internally within each soul. A new perspective on life situations may simply take root. Most changes will come simply – a minor shift in awareness can make all the difference in what transforms in the physical world.  With new understanding comes new ways of expressing and relating to those around you.


This single concept can work with a “bigger picture” as well. Minor “ripples” in thought will become major waves of change. Open your heart and send love to all the unlovable, all the unrest, and all the troubled. Do not judge what is transpiring, but see a positive outcome from a Christ Conscious perspective – whether it is love for the fearful, peace for the unrest, or nourishment for the hungry. See it all in an outcome of love and benevolence for all.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

18 April 2011

Your Divine Calling

Greetings Dear Ones,


Allow choices others are making to simply unfold. Many may seem as chaotic, but it is merely a process to find the peace within – a setting up of circumstances for their own part of the transformation to take place. No judgments here. See it all as the soul choices manifesting their path.


Be calm within your own self. Many plans are being orchestrated. Yours will be activated – it will be a beat of a drum that will resonate the essence within you. You can feel it as a drum, or hear it as a horn of “Divine calling.” You will know. There will be no doubt. So, enjoy the time until your drum or horn calls you.


Go about life as you feel directed. Do not feel deprived or “hung out to dry.” There is much to accomplish in the meantime. Make choices on how you spend it. All life contributes to the whole. Ask yourself what it is you wish to do to make the most out of your life. The answer may surprise you.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

28 December 2010

New Year Preparations



Preparations for the new year are being made by those in human form as well as those in spirit.


Think about what it is you truly wish to create for your new year. Call upon your guides and angels for assistance. Envision peace on Earth – an ending to all the warring – the separateness that has prevailed.


Heaven and Earth can be joined. Those in spirit and the human population can hold the same vision of an Earth where love and light will prevail.


Be joyful and mindful to where your thoughts take you. Unleash your hearts’ desires to manifest your potential in 2011.


My beloveds, you are dearly blessed.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

21 November 2010

Year End

My Dear Beloveds,


The holiday season of the last remaining days of the 2010 year will be a distraction for many. Enjoy these times with family and friends. Create memories to reflect upon with love and joy.


Hold love in your hearts, and learn to channel this to all people and places your path takes you.


Know there are many gifts to open. Ask your heart and mind to see them. Be aware of the wonders hidden in plain sight. Embrace each one.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~