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04 August 2012

The "Gem" that Begs to Shine

My messages are very similar – encouraging all to tap into the God spark within each soul. All the love, light, and wisdom is indeed within.

The spiritual path is one that re-aligns and clears away all doubt and fear to uncover the soul essence – the pure spirit of each soul. See it as a clearing and cleansing. Some may see it as a chore – equivalent to real house cleaning. Others may see it as an adventure or a polishing that will bring one closer and closer to the “gem” that begs to shine.

So, look at your present life and see it as the whole of all you need to undo, clear, and clean up. Lessons presented to uncover the beauty of each soul – the gem with the God seed encoding.

All are blessed.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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