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23 October 2013

Go in Goodness and Step in Strength

Within the overall plan, all is good. Each day you strive to perfect your essence. Each day is an attempt to keep your heart open and be the spiritual compass as you navigate through your experiences.

You truly are angels on assignment. The experiences you encounter each day brings a new opportunity to do things differently – see things from a larger perspective – to step out of fear based conditioning and embracing the love within yourself. And, an opportunity of seeing others “with the eyes of God as your creation." Count these events as the miracles in your day to day encounters.

If each soul, each person had this perspective and goal each day, the waves of change will indeed be felt within your world. See this as your personal challenge, or as your “lightworker” or “light being” presence on Earth.

Go in goodness and step in strength. May your hearts be pure and your intent be steady.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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