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24 August 2011

Primed for Change



Start making adjustments now. Your thoughts will direct you. Eliminate all that no longer fits into the scheme of life going forward.


Your guides and angels will assist you. Measure each thought, deed, course of action, and ask, “Does this serve my higher calling, my higher purpose?” Make choices from your intuitions and inner guidance. Ask for Divine help in all cases.


You are making many changes within the cellular level. As your body purges the old, take a look externally to make the same changes within your physical spaces.  

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

19 August 2011

Soul Alignment

Greetings, Dear Ones; we are with you:


There comes a time when a soul makes the changes to align themselves to higher level thinking – a knowingness of the higher potential factors within their lives. Your world will be realigned as well; it will not be the same. The initiations within the structures of light have made an indelible difference.


Your awareness and what comes to your awareness will also be different. The “things” in life will be perceived in unforeseen ways - new perspectives, new understandings, and new experiences - to live in the glory and grandeur of life on Earth. Some changes are necessities – a further alignment of matter and space. Those that vibrate at higher level frequencies will prevail.


It will be a time of change, a time of hope, and for some – a time of extreme uncertainty. Make peace with what transpires in your world. Behold the glory of God as the life force of your intentions, creations, and focus – it will all take new form. Know that each soul will make choices based on those lessons and experiences yet to be addressed in the development of their soul paths.


Many are hopeful; many are primed for the changes to manifest a new world order. See it as a beautiful unfoldment – a birthing of new experiences and expressions yet to manifest on Earth.


All are loved. All are blessed. All are encompassed within the times ahead.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

13 August 2011

Be Heart Centered



You will be watched over. Have no doubts on what takes place. As you watch others around you, know the soul chooses action according to life plans and contracts. So, if everyone appears around you in “craziness” from your perspective, know the lessons that unfold are simply life lessons.


All at some level are obtaining enlightenment. Do not question the process – embrace love as the outcome – whatever it may be.


Do not get pulled into others’ dramas. Stay heart centered within. It will help what you see in your life and the circumstances surrounding you.


Know you are loved. Know you are blessed. All are given just what is needed within. Learn to access this knowledge and wisdom each day.


Hold compassion in your hearts. Send love out daily.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

06 August 2011

Changing Times for Soul Discovery

Greetings, Dear Ones,


The world is preparing for some changes that will affect all life on Earth. These changes may appear somewhat disastrous, somewhat overwhelming for some, but each challenge faced by each soul will be unique to the kinds of lessons and experiences needed to bring about an awakening to the higher truths and the higher states of being.


Know that as these events occur, pay careful attention to the responses that get triggered within you. Look at each one “square in the face” to confront the issue or the knowledge that is in need of bringing wholeness to your state of being.


No change is so catastrophic that one will not endure. If you can look at each with love, and remove the elements of fear it represents this, too, will be transformed and the fear transmuted so that the element of fear is healed within.


No cause for extreme fear, no cause for alarm. See all as necessary to bring alignment to each soul and Mother Earth – the station of existence for life as you know it. Send love daily. Recharge the light within you. Call on angels and guides for assistance. Many are waiting for a call to duty.


Life priorities will be re-shuffled and a more simple focus will direct the needs and actions of each individual going forward. Have compassion for all life. Take mindful care of all animals, plant life, and other elementals which behind the scenes have supported your life on Earth.


Know you can connect to the higher states of truth and wisdom each day. Again, call on the heavenly guides and angels in all you do. Ask for the “higher perspective” to be presented within you to govern the steps necessary to bring yourself through each lesson or challenge.


You are loved so dearly. You are loved unconditionally. Know the choices you make going forward are placing you on the path of soul discovery.


Be well my beloveds; go in peace.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

27 July 2011

Let Peace Become You

My Dears,


My message today is one of peace – for your world and for all the chaos within each and every one.


Few realize the importance of changing the energy within to change the energy without. To become a master of your thoughts, intentions, and actions is truly helping to change the mindset of the consciousness of mankind on Earth.


Begin seeing the “higher perspective” of the circumstances or events in your lives by consciously making choices that come from love and acceptance. Go within. Find the love and balance inherent within you. From this place, you will find the peace that will permeate your lives and world.


Become that Divine light each and every day.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~