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08 April 2012

Be the Heart, Lend a Hand

My Dear Ones,

The source of your soul is the Divine connection all have in common. Each carries a spark of God, the Creator, within them. Lifetime after lifetime, you have forgotten this connection. Due to fears and experiences, you feel more separated with each lifetime. It has been truly a struggle to reconnect to the Source of God within you.

A new age of awakening is upon the Earth. More and more souls have been coming to this awareness. Over time, the love connection has taken precedence over the Earth population. The souls who have evolved who are making this connection are the ones connecting to the Christ consciousness energy now available to all.

As this year progresses, more and more will come to the realization how connected all of life is on Earth. The spark of God is the thread in common to all life.

These shifts in awareness have been affecting the Earthly population. Some have come to this realization gradually. For others, it will be an experience or an awareness that suddenly transforms them. These will be the ripples of change that will be felt by the whole of the Earthly environment.

Trust much is in motion. Hold fast to the vision of earthly awareness and transformation. Be the heart; lend a hand to assist others to their souls’ reconnection.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

21 March 2012

March 21, 2012

Dear Ones,

Today is a grand day. Connect to the energy of Mother Earth and the consciousness that surrounds her. Set intentions of just how you wish to manifest new awareness and connectedness of all life on your planet. This is the time period on your Earth to set these intentions and hold fast to seeing them through.

How do you wish your world to be? What glorious transformation can you envision? This is not the time to hold back, but to get carried away with the love vibration of your heart and the connectedness of spirit and let your imaginations soar. Think on these things, dear ones.

Visualize love, peace, and equal distribution of all resources. See Mother Earth herself clean and pure and connected to the source of love.

Take a few moments to put energy and thought behind your manifestation. Know that new Earthly life will generate and cultivate a new expansion. And, as in any gestation, it will develop and take form. And, at some point, a great birthing as the energies are building to a climatic rise known as the “Grand Shift.”

Nurture these thoughts, these manifestations between now and then. Stay focused on what your intentions are and believe them to be true.

Many in spirit join you in this vision. See yourself with “Creator Energy” – the God within you manifesting a new dispensation for life on Earth. 

Believe it. Feel it. Nurture it. Hold fast to these visions and see them to fruition.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

26 February 2012

Intangible Changes

Greetings, Dear Ones:

Many things are transpiring – energies, feelings, and the observation of what comes to light around you. For some, you may feel a little off balanced - sensing change, but not being able to touch it, visualize it, or embrace it. It seems intangible at best.

Be patient as it is simply a restructuring of patterns of energy, new thoughts, and higher frequencies moving into the spaces within and around you.

It is indeed a time of shifts and change. So, simply allow it to transpire. Rest more, and know at some point the pieces will fit or lock in place, and the “new” will be in full view.

Relax. Stay focused. You are loved.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

13 December 2011

The Light Within Will Indeed Glow

Many may feel that all is not right, all is not occurring, all is just a hoax. No fears, dear ones.


Each soul may seem to be acting out those factions not fully aligned to higher consciousness. Remember, dear humans, this is a grand awakening on a grand scale. Giving it this perspective gains appreciation of all that is transpiring.


Ignite the love of God within you each day. Feel your heart expand, feel the vibration within you. Embrace the love that simply becomes you. It is then you glow with the light of Christ Consciousness.


Yes, at some point, you will see those “lighted souls.” You will recognize them, and the shift will indeed seem as though results are being given to those with this consciousness within their souls.


The light within will indeed glow.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

10 December 2011

On the Way Forward

Dear Ones, we meet again.


All life is unfolding to plan. Yes, processing is indeed occurring. Just being on the way forward is to everyone’s advantage.


Seeds have been planted, and germination is taking place. As the new essence is forming, there is much transformation - from a hard seed - to a blooming, flowering new life. No short cuts are involved; it is simply what transpires for the transformation to occur.


Wait patiently. New life will unfold.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~