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06 February 2013

A Time to Be Clear

Dear Ones:

Each one is going through change – different among each soul. The energies of the new Earth are assisting each one. This is a time of being clear - being very clear - in how your soul is to progress. So, be mindful, be precise - in how you envision yourself going forward.

Exact details are not necessary. It is more a decision within your heart and soul to activate the flame of truth within you to simply unfold. Set this as your intention. Set this as your priority each day. Ask to be guided to all the love and experiences that reveal the very path or course of your direction.

Be at peace.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

21 December 2012

12-21-12 Your Transformational Portal

Greetings, Dear Ones:

A most significant day in earth history – a transformational portal for the alignment to a higher truth – a Christ Consciousness perspective of living Divinely in human form.

Spend time in meditation. Join the collective forces of those celebrating the birthing of energies from the galactic alignment. All signs are there from a scientific perspective and from a spiritual awakening. There is much jubilation on earth as well as the spiritual realms.

Love is the common denominator of all life. Uncover the love within all aspects of your life. See the beauty, feel the expansiveness of the grandeur of the life mysteries that remain unseen. Tap into the energies.

Our love from the spiritual realms is massive. So, even tapping into for a small moment will instantly uplift, align, and transform your every day existence. All here are assisting you. Feel our love. Feel our strength. This is a part of you and your world as well.

My love to each of you.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

12 December 2012


Greetings, Dear Ones:

Many groups around the world are welcoming in the energies and the activations available to all who are open to the opportunities of raising human consciousness. The world as you know it will from this day forward become more evident of the love and benevolence that is welcomed and needed for planet Earth.

These transcending energies will be felt by many. Consciousness will indeed be raised. Behold a more benevolent world will unfold. Draw in these energies. Be mindful to do so. Earth has truly made a shift. Embrace and celebrate this accomplishment. Be joyful.

See past the upheavals that may result. Know that these pockets of old energy need to surface to be released. Know a much higher order will indeed become visible and permeate your world.

Be light hearted, light minded, and light infused.

All are blessed.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

09 December 2012

Hark, the Herald Angels are Singing!

Greetings, Dear Ones: 

Many human souls are left wondering how the alignments and portals will affect them. Release any doubt and all questions as the energy will be the “invisible hand” that lifts each soul.

The Cosmic Christ, the essence of love, will indeed become the breath that is inhaled and will transmute the energy of all life. No one will be left behind or left feeling they “missed the boat.” All are given equal opportunity to take in the energy and become the essence of the Christ. Those who have been in preparation will be better prepared, but not necessarily more able to adjust. Each soul will undergo its own unique adjustment.

Be heartfelt and open to all you see, feel, and acclimate to within this time period. Be open. Be accepting. And, be in that space of love.

Hark, the herald angels are singing! The time foretold through many cultures is indeed up the planet earth.

May the Christ be within you and become you.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

31 August 2012

Blue Moon

This Blue Moon is a special one. Those who are open to the grandeur of their true essence will take flight. You will see many move forward to their true calling. Know it will be an inherent feeling – a knowing – feet will take steps in new directions. Enthusiasm and joy will be the overriding feeling of bliss as finally a shift has been achieved.


It may seem everyone is going on a different path, but the path is unique to each soul. See it as the groundwork being laid out – and what seems like random directions will indeed begin to merge as a new wave of energy that will transform the Earth as you see it today. People from all over the planet will begin to feel the movement – the glory of God will be a palpitating beat within each heart.


Go in peace, dear ones. Let go of any fears. Know the soul of you is directed to simply fulfill its individual purpose.


Each are loved and blessed.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~