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06 April 2011

Smooth Sailing on Your Soul's Path

Each soul has the potential to achieve their life plan. Some have much to go through – it appears to many as a struggle. For some, it may appear as “smooth sailing.” But, beneath the surface – there could lie a storming sea – but it is the ease and grace that the Captain navigates the waters to “skim” over the turbulences.


It is all a matter of perspective. Become a “seasoned Captain” and utilize the spiritual tools to navigate your seas. Storms may hit, and may hit often, but with your Divine self as your Captain, the stormy waters will be easily navigated.


Trust each soul is equipped to fulfill all life choices. Learn to utilize the tools – or learn the “ropes” to successfully set sail to your soul’s path.


You are dearly loved,

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

19 March 2011

Earth Energies

Your Earth is changing. This has been spoken of for so long, but now the physical evidence is making an appearance. Trust in the process of clearing and raising the consciousness along with the vibrations that will result in an Earth of peace, love, and a higher consciousness of all life it supports.


Do not fear the changes – while very disastrous and chaotic - are the necessary changes to simply bring all life forward into this new awareness. With these changes, there are human casualties as well as other life forms. Know that each soul - each particle of energy – is appropriately participating in each and all contributions for an evolved state of existence.


Send love and light to the areas of visible destruction or unrest among the populations. Stay centered in the knowingness that your assistance for calmness and peace truly is your part in this drama of the unfoldment of a new Earth.


All are blessed.


With Love and Guidance,

 ~ Archangel Gabriel ~

07 February 2011

Visions of Peace

The “grand standing” is over – the energies are aligning – the collapse of tyranny and controlling factors over so many will be revealed and torn down.


Turmoil may reign while the newer energies take shape and emerge. Peace will settle down – like a gentle rain of dust from the old that simply evaporated.


All who supported a peaceful resolution assisted in the energies necessary that resulted in a rebirth - a change. Hold off the celebrations until all the pieces are in order – firmly realized and in place.


More wonderful changes are starting to unfold. Points of “critical mass” have been reached.


Keep your hearts tuned to love and your visions on peace.


All are blessed,


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

11 November 2010


Greetings, Dear Ones,


An “eleven day” in the year of 2010. May this day bring you a time to reflect on your future desires and potentials. It is your choice - as always.


Yes, dear ones, you may feel the distractions – the amount of energy movements – interference – the grid work of energy around planet Earth. But, the message above still holds true. Your mind won’t stop this process. Learn to calm the mind and go to the heart – radiate love and the energy will clear.


Continue on your paths. Bring love into your hearts daily.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

24 October 2010

The Undercurrrents of Motion

Greetings, Dear Ones,


Much of life is seen from a narrow perspective. It takes spiritual wisdom and understanding to see life from a different perspective. So, trust as things happen or appear there is a greater plan than what may be obvious.


Your radius is growing. Concepts, truths, the understanding of spiritual principles are learned even more. Each aspect is clearing and healing in itself as you take on the truth and shift awareness regarding each one.


Yes, you feel the undercurrents of motion – activity not so apparent in the earthly world. Know that simply the stage is being set – scenes are being created, people are being placed for a call to action.


Dear ones, no need to worry. No need to dwell on what may be occurring. Prepare yourself as you have been doing – understanding and applying all that you have learned.


Living life from your heart is where you find the love and peace to carry you through the times ahead. Always know many are with you – those in spirit. Call us in to assist, bring comfort, love, and peace. You will find the “inner you” will be reflected in your outer world. Trust and this will happen.


Go in peace.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~