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19 August 2011

Soul Alignment

Greetings, Dear Ones; we are with you:


There comes a time when a soul makes the changes to align themselves to higher level thinking – a knowingness of the higher potential factors within their lives. Your world will be realigned as well; it will not be the same. The initiations within the structures of light have made an indelible difference.


Your awareness and what comes to your awareness will also be different. The “things” in life will be perceived in unforeseen ways - new perspectives, new understandings, and new experiences - to live in the glory and grandeur of life on Earth. Some changes are necessities – a further alignment of matter and space. Those that vibrate at higher level frequencies will prevail.


It will be a time of change, a time of hope, and for some – a time of extreme uncertainty. Make peace with what transpires in your world. Behold the glory of God as the life force of your intentions, creations, and focus – it will all take new form. Know that each soul will make choices based on those lessons and experiences yet to be addressed in the development of their soul paths.


Many are hopeful; many are primed for the changes to manifest a new world order. See it as a beautiful unfoldment – a birthing of new experiences and expressions yet to manifest on Earth.


All are loved. All are blessed. All are encompassed within the times ahead.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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