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26 May 2013

Hidden Truths are Surfacing

Pay attention to the headlines of the news reported. Notice how the truths of what has been below – hidden from view – are suddenly surfacing. No more hiding, no more deception. The truths are being uncovered to reveal the manipulation of so many due to greed and a false sense of sovereignty over areas of trade, business, and finance.

Also know that other hidden truths are surfacing. Artifacts, records, and new discoveries from old world cultures will come to light as well. This will be a time of a great unveiling that will be shifting perceptions and beliefs. It will be unsettling to many.

Keep your connection to God as your source of love and light strong during this time. With so many things surfacing long kept hidden, the many surprises and shifts of perception will make the world as you know it suddenly take on a new appearance.

Seeing the truths for what they are will cause many to doubt, many to falter. Keep your heart open and know this is simply a great purging to unveil the true facts of your present and past. Anticipate many surprises.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~  


17 May 2013

A Showering of Remembrance

There is new energy permeating the Earth at this time - a showering of remembrance for so many. This energy carries with it much love and a gentleness that is calming many on your planet. Those sensitive to change are feeling it the most. It may seem a little overwhelming, a little confusing at times.


Know this energy is igniting the human heart in ways unseen in past times. This truly is an intervention of Divine Love to touch the face of each Earth child to awaken them to the possibilities that lie ahead.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

24 March 2013

Hold Your Visions


Many have spoken of these times; when the new world – the new earth – has risen to the challenge of becoming a unity of consciousness and souls for the betterment of mankind.

From where we see, many hearts are ignited with the Cosmic Consciousness of living divinely in human form. What shows itself as areas of destruction, unrest, and much pain and drama are to be seen as the purging of old energy thoughts forms and ways of life to be revealed and released.

Hold your visions, dear ones, of a time ahead for much love and peace and community among all souls. Be diligent on maintaining the vision of this new earth. Think and create the scenarios you wish to see unfold. And, see them happen with little drama, minimal distress. Change doesn’t have to be destructive. Think of the Berlin Wall which came down what seemed so effortlessly. Peace can overcome and reign with love and joy.

Call on the heavenly realms – the unseen forces within spirit. With enough souls creating this reality, the spiritual forces of change will manifest. The unseen hand of Creator energy when called upon and desired by so many will simply manifest your new world order. Trust this to be true.

May the love and joy within you become a visible truth in your world. Go in peace.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

23 February 2013

Creating Your Space of Unfoldment

Be peaceful, Dear Ones.

You will be motivated when you need to pay attention. Things will fall into place so to speak. It will be a journey of minimal effort, but great change. Your soul’s calling will unfold quite naturally. As you make the changes to your environment, you are creating the space for your unfoldment.

Many will feel motivated to start new studies, change jobs, locations, and life style conditions. Trust all is in balance even though your footing may seem unsteady.

Be at peace.

~Archangel Gabriel ~

19 February 2013

Removing Old Stifling Attachments

This is a time of alignment. Making changes within your environment around you. The shifts within each soul have been many, but so subtle at times, one may wonder if any progress is being made at all.

It will be sweeping changes that you will be assisted to make to the everyday experiences and the repatterning to your conditions of living humanly within the new Earth. A clearing will happen. Sudden motivation will occur within each soul - a desire to move out clutter or distractions. Those people that matter most will become your priority.

We are speaking of clearing your environment, removing “stuff” that has become stifling. Attachments to objects will be removed – the crutches of the past will suddenly not be needed. Each soul will be guided differently. Make no comparisons; it will align beautifully for each one. These changes being made will start the movement forward for many on their paths – making them very clear it is time to move forward, take steps, with the feeling of being stuck no more.

Call in your guides and angels for assistance. Connect to the God energy within you. Each soul will transpire and become the light of the new world order.

With Love,

~ Archangel Gabriel ~