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29 June 2013

Your Two Roles

You have two roles here – one as a channel for spirits’ messages and one as an individual soul who seeks enlightenment. You are both and experience both purposes/benefits.

Acclamation is taking place – to be joined fully connected to those in spirit. Rough edges are being smoothed and soothed. Set your intention to be truly connected, and each day experiences will transpire. Not all will come out as you would think or expect, but release yourself of these judgments.

How it evolves – just is. Know that each soul is experiencing this. More are in awareness of what is happening; others are clueless, and somewhat unsure as to what is truly happening. All are merely making adjustments in their own ways.

You are blessed,

~Archangel Gabriel ~

* Channeler’s Note:  Archangel Gabriel is not only speaking to me, but those of you who read this weblog. As spirit is speaking through each of us, the benefits of healing and transformation are felt individually.

23 June 2013

Energy Transference

With you, dear ones, not so much is transferring lately through the words. It is being absorbed in other ways. The transfer is complete, but words are not given to describe. These spiritual realms are a haven to refresh and rejuvenate – a very similar experience to a meditation.


It is “stepping into oneness” or what some call “behind the veil” into spirit. Know you can be recharged, enlightened, and uplifted any time you desire. Make it a constant connection between you and those in spirit.


Much love to all,

~Archangel Gabriel ~

22 June 2013

Great Halls of Healing and Communications

Greetings, Dear Ones:

You are welcomed in this space. This is a place in spirit where information is shared by all those who tap in to communicate with us.

As more souls are awakening, more are connecting to these “great halls of healing and communications.” Many come with intent for truths and wisdom. Some come as they sleep, and other souls travel to these places in spirit. Some do it by day-dreaming – as an escape from the Earth realities. We, in spirit, welcome all to feel the energy of great love and light. Many souls do not know where they are dwelling, but the energy and feeling is of such a lightness and relief. It sooths the soul and re-nourishes.

Tap into this energy. It will refresh and renew the soul. As your thoughts and prayers connect to God and the heavenly realm, so can the energy be transferred to the human soul. You can connect in all the human senses – by sight, hearing, smell,…feeling all light energies. It will uplift and enlighten.

All are blessed.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

12 June 2013

Higher Energies that Speak to The Heart

All humans are changing. Know you are changing with the times. Old familiar patterns are being disrupted, moved around somewhat. It throws one off, creates confusion. A “Why is this not working?”, or a “Why did it happen this way?” You feel slightly off balanced.


Trust – it is the acclimation to the internal and external changing of each soul and life on Earth. No one is exempt – even the animal kingdom, the vegetation, oceans and their life systems – they are all affected. Stay focused on connecting to the love of God, your Creator. Ignite the love spark within you each day. And, breathe in and breathe out - to further expand this love energy.


Be open to the change that results within your own lives as well as the changes to your environment and all over the world. Those souls who are awakened will begin to give a voice to assist in the changes. Right now, the boundaries are felt, but eventually the barriers will break down and the greater good will prevail.  


Trust this is so. Watch for it. Be willing to support the wave of higher energies that speak to the hearts of all people. Assist in the creation of a new Earth with love being first and foremost.


All are loved. All are blessed. Be with great peace.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

01 June 2013

Light and Dark Butting Forces

Dear Ones,

With all the Earthly experiences taking place around the world, from the Earth changes, the war crimes, the corruption of big business and governments, it is hard to believe that your world is transforming to a better place. What you see going on are not the visible changes you would expect. Do not let these events give you discouragement.

Quite the opposite is happening. As more and more souls are raising their energy, spreading love to the unknown, farthest places on Earth, the light quotient is raised. And, where the light touches, it shines on the dark places that were unseen before.

There is the old saying you have heard before, “Where there is light, darkness cannot prevail.” This is indeed what is happening. The dark, heavy energy cannot continue with the light quotient of the Earth population carrying more light. And, as these dark forces are revealed, it stirs up the energy – there is resistance, cover-ups, and denial. It is simply the effects of the energies butting forces. Know this – the light will prevail.

And, as these energies are shifting and changing, Mother Earth is also assisting. These energies are affecting weather patterns and the Earth itself.

So, dear humans, continue to expand your light radiuses. Ignite your God spark each day. Know that your love, your light is indeed making a difference. Be steadfast in your faith.  

~ Archangel Gabriel ~