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21 September 2013

New Energies Available

Dear Ones:


Are you ready for the next cycle – the new phase yet to unfold? There are new energies available to those who wish to partake of the love and guidance of the heavenly host of angels, guides, and spiritual teachers.


It is through intention you will access this energy. It will be like as you get ready in the morning to start your day, you make choices…on your grooming or clothing for the day. Make the choice to have the love and guidance of spirit as part of your appearance that ignites your heart and becomes your "ensemble of presence" each day.


Do you need angels of joy or guardians of energy around you? Call upon those virtues you feel would assist you in the day that unfolds within your world. Do not get so hung up on the details of the “hows.” How will it happen? How will it unfold? How will I have it present itself in my life?


Trust and be open. You may ask for “energy translators” to assist you. Until you learn the subtleties of energy and read it correctly, ask for angels and guides to help “read” the energy behind what is presented in your personal life and world. Again, be open to the flow of assistance available to all who ask.   


Many are within the heavenly realms to assist each one. Invite us into your lives. Invite us to raise your awareness and make peace within your heart and home, and within every contact you make. Call upon us each day. You are indeed blessed.


May peace and love become you.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

24 August 2013

"Dust Off" Your Spiritual Tools

Dear Ones,

Just know you are loved. You have the love and support of God; all the angels and guides are available to you.

You are given tools – spiritual tools - so make the most of them; utilize them. Some you need to “dust off” as you learned them and simply “stored them.” Take them off the shelf or out of your “tool box” and use them.

Ask, “How can this tool be used in my life?” Or, “Is there another application I can incorporate with this tool?” Be creative!

I challenge each of you to find new ways to utilize your spiritual tools. You each have the Creator energy to re-build and re-create to become the lightworkers of God’s plan.

Trust and know this to be true.

All are loved and blessed,

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

11 August 2013

Causes and Effects

Your world is experiencing many changes. What seems most chaotic is really the clearing out of the causes and effects of past karmic events. Those involved have volunteered at a soul level to participate to clear out or “cross out” to bring the balance needed to move forward. They are blessed.

There are other events that are grounding the energy and opening up the awareness and emergence of new hope, love, and a remembrance of the grandeur and expanse of what God, the Creator, has created for the Earthly experience. Those souls involved also volunteered at a soul level.

These things are being pointed out to you to understand there is much energetically happening within your world. Remain hopeful and open to what transpires within your own world. As you are motivated to participate in events, know that at some level your soul has responded to whatever “call” it was inspired to fulfill.

All souls are blessed. Each has the capacity to be fully aligned to the calling of their heart and the tools available to make the most of their world.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

13 July 2013

Miracles and Awakenings

It is a time on your planet when many souls will be given insights and experiences of awareness. Those who are awakened will truly begin to move forward. Unexplained and unusual circumstances – viewed as “miracles” or “awakenings” - to the realization of their life purpose. It will be a sudden thought or experience, like the veil is removed and the path before them is instantly available.


The timing of each occurrence is as unique as the individual soul. Each enlightenment will be felt as an instant awakening. The materials and energy of manifestation will simply ignite. The path will appear and the soul will move forward with joy, purpose, and an enthusiasm unparalleled within time.


Be open to your individual experience or awakening. Gifts from Creator will become the tools to manifest what your past would have viewed as “impossible.” Trust this is no illusion.


First and foremost is love. Throughout all thoughts, actions, and intentions, love is the essence of purity of spirit manifested through each soul from God, the Creator. It is so.


May love ignite the peace within you.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

30 June 2013

Your Divineness Fully Present

Spend time in quiet contemplation. These are your opportunities to connect to spirit. You have all the help and assistance available to you - you need to ask for this guidance.

More and more you will be seeing the untruths – in your Self, your friends and family members, your communities, in the work you do. As each is revealed, release them. You will re-assimilate your truths without the uncovered ones a part of you. It may take time to release the fears on how you will re-shuffle and be made whole again. This is truly a transformational process. Trust.

This is simply a purging of all that you no longer need to carry within your soul. Think of the possibilities and the freedom it will bring you. You become your Highest Self – the Divineness within you fully present, uncovered, and clear.

Do not get impatient with seeing no clear results. Know that so much is happening with this process that you cannot measure each gain. Just understand and trust it is a good thing. It will be what moves you forward in the path of your full ascension.

Be peaceful at heart,

~Archangel Gabriel ~