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06 August 2011

Changing Times for Soul Discovery

Greetings, Dear Ones,


The world is preparing for some changes that will affect all life on Earth. These changes may appear somewhat disastrous, somewhat overwhelming for some, but each challenge faced by each soul will be unique to the kinds of lessons and experiences needed to bring about an awakening to the higher truths and the higher states of being.


Know that as these events occur, pay careful attention to the responses that get triggered within you. Look at each one “square in the face” to confront the issue or the knowledge that is in need of bringing wholeness to your state of being.


No change is so catastrophic that one will not endure. If you can look at each with love, and remove the elements of fear it represents this, too, will be transformed and the fear transmuted so that the element of fear is healed within.


No cause for extreme fear, no cause for alarm. See all as necessary to bring alignment to each soul and Mother Earth – the station of existence for life as you know it. Send love daily. Recharge the light within you. Call on angels and guides for assistance. Many are waiting for a call to duty.


Life priorities will be re-shuffled and a more simple focus will direct the needs and actions of each individual going forward. Have compassion for all life. Take mindful care of all animals, plant life, and other elementals which behind the scenes have supported your life on Earth.


Know you can connect to the higher states of truth and wisdom each day. Again, call on the heavenly guides and angels in all you do. Ask for the “higher perspective” to be presented within you to govern the steps necessary to bring yourself through each lesson or challenge.


You are loved so dearly. You are loved unconditionally. Know the choices you make going forward are placing you on the path of soul discovery.


Be well my beloveds; go in peace.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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