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17 April 2009

Beacons of Love and Light

Dramatic changes are coming - dramatic as defined as somewhat unsettling, somewhat chaotic, or somewhat disturbing. Allow for these changes to occur.

Keep your heart open; connect to the Divine source and allow this energy to flow through you. Trust that the universe will bring you to a state of understanding and will assist you through the changes.

Protect yourself from the denseness of these energies with white light. Focus on love - loving thoughts - to keep your balance. Call upon your guides and angels daily. Allow us to take your hand and walk you through any drama, trauma, or difficulties you may be facing. Love and peace are close at hand for those who ask and bring forth the Divine light within.

Open your heart and send your love out to those places you are drawn to in thought or attention. Know without a doubt your love makes a difference.

Lightworkers are like beacons that send love and light to those dark places in your world. Hold steady, stay balanced, and remain firm with the knowledge that your love and light is assisting with the transformation of your planet.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

17 March 2009

Impacts to Your World

Events are set in motion – the speed of which is open to the consciousness of your planet, your world. As more people embrace living with the connection to God and the oneness of all creation – the vibratory rate will reach critical mass sooner than later. Critical mass is when the vibration of consciousness is raised to over 50% and the energy around is pulled up into the higher vibration.

People are struggling more than ever; keep sending your light out to assist those around you and your world. Be at peace in knowing the events will unfold as part of a master plan – so to speak. Certain energies need to be cleared up before the frequencies and vibratory rates are raised.

Follow your heart in what feels best for you to assist. Be the calm in the storm. Be the example for others to see. Fill your heart with love each day and spread it around. Hold some for yourself as our love and guidance is there to give you peace, courage, hope, and ease during your challenges - either personally or as a witness to others.

Trust you will be protected as your assistance is most needed to bring about the new world – the upliftment of consciousness and the living with oneness on your Earth.

Many, many angels and guides are at your side. We welcome your calls for assistance as we have much love and light to share.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

03 March 2009

Natural Law

Natural Law is the way God intended life to be – providing order to the universe. Many had difficulty understanding these laws and tried to apply them to fit their own expression of life. Over time, many souls have evolved away from these laws. It is time to go back to the beginning – to understand each law and the principles behind them.

You can look up these laws; there are many sources you can utilize. Read them and become familiar with them. You will notice that each law at the “core” is the catalyst for the spiritual renaissance for enlightenment – to bring mankind back to the basics – back to the way God, the Creator, intended.

As you study these laws, think about how they can be applied in your own lives. What spiritual practices can you adapt to bring you in line with these principles? For each law, you may write down those things you can do to practice incorporating them into your daily life.

This all goes back to simplifying your life – removing attachments and old patterns of thinking that no longer suit you in the new energy. Practice these laws daily. Learn to know them and ask yourself, “Do my actions or thoughts follow this law?” Take on one at a time, if it helps you focus your wish for transformation and change.

Go in peace.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

01 March 2009

Light in Dark Places

Souls in the physical body are placed on Earth to experience God’s abundance - to experience the grandeur of life in the glory and beauty God created. Life evolves around lessons to be learned – the interaction with other souls and soul groups - without the knowledge you are connected to God. You are born into the Earth plane without this knowledge, but you still hold all the tools, or skills, or innate abilities to connect. It is up to each soul to discover. Cycles and cycles of life times are gone through. Each soul evolves based on the lessons planned in the spiritual realm.

The time has come where all souls will be able to make choices in living with love and seeing the “oneness” with all life. Lights are going on all around the world and they are shining on all those dark places normally kept hidden. Old energy patterns in business, finance, government, and other institutions are suddenly “coming to light” on their deception, greed, and selfish ways. These institutions will either crumble, or once exposed will have a change of heart to restructure or reform their energy. Allow time for this to occur. It will happen all around the world.

Many will be challenged. Even those who had made great progress in living with the love of God in their hearts. It will seem all are being tested. Ensure that you are centered and live with love and integrity each day. Any personal challenges are just your own “light” showing you what needs to be properly balanced or aligned in the new energy. Have you lived within your financial means? Have you dealt with honesty and integrity in your relationships? Have you found passion from a job that suits your skills and talents? This new energy will bring to light areas in your life needing your attention.

Despite all chaos and turmoil, find your peace within and keep the connection to God, your Creator, open at all times. Have faith. Ask for God’s love and light to “light” the way in all matters of your life.

You are dearly loved.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

13 February 2009

A Love Perspective for Choices

Throughout the ages souls evolved – learning through choices in life lessons those things they wished to experience to become a fully evolved soul. The ascension process is no more than coming to an enlightenment where love is foremost in all aspects and the connection to God is felt at all times. It is having God work through you in all matters every day – all the time. To be without fear – to simply trust that everything presented to you is for a purpose and is in the “now” or moment where your focus simply is. It is living with peace and love each day.

In the new energy, you can reach ascension and remain within your physical bodies – your “garments” you have taken on while embodied on earth. More and more souls will be reaching the levels of ascension which will raise the vibration and mass consciousness of your planet to a higher level.

Learn to live with no regrets. Lessons were given to you to further you along on your path. It is not necessary to “re-hash” or go over those lessons – trying to second guess if you had made a different choice - done things differently - where other choices would have led you. Accept that each of you is right where you need to be. Who you have become is right and you still have choices resulting in different lessons to either change or keep on the current path you are on.

By bringing in God’s love and light each day, your choices will be made from a higher perspective – not necessarily better - but from a perspective of love, not fear. You can ask that your choices be of "the highest and best good” for your soul and those around you. Let this be your decree or daily intent and trust you will have the appropriate lesson and choices for your soul.

Again, run everything through your heart. Ask, “Is this for me to embrace as truth, or is this for me – my highest and best good?” Feel the vibration in your heart and learn how it feels to be directed and guided from choices made with love.

Do not look back at past mistakes. Who you are now is the key. Yes, you may have experienced a different lesson, or you may not be content with the choices you made, but know without a doubt these experiences are a part of you – who you are now.

Rejoice! You will have opportunities to make choices with the full knowingness of living through love each day. Always know you can ask God and his Divine Realm for help in your life lessons. We will hold your hand; you will never be alone. If you learn how to stay open to our guidance – be at peace and with a focus on love - trust you will be presented with life lessons and choices with God’s loving support.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~