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16 July 2012

Be Patient

Dear Ones:

Be patient. When we say great growth is occurring, this is so true. Many adjustments and changes are being undergone within your essence.

Be patient and trust. Your lighted essence is indeed magnifying and impacting your world.

Trust and be at peace.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

04 July 2012

A Calm and Perfect Peace

There will come a time when the universal factors make peace. When planets, humans, and the energies of all existence find that balance – uniting all to a oneness of creation. Think on these things – a place of perfect balance and an ease in all that transpires with synchronistic events, contacts, and energy exchanges in all life.

Now, feel this balance within you. Take this concept – this picture or image – and experience the peace within. Perceive the ease in how each day unfolds going forward. Know each soul has the ability to experience a calm and perfect peace within.

Each one is blessed and holy.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

15 May 2012

Change Brings New Awareness

My Beloved Ones,

It is a human struggle to make sense of change. What appears is not expected, and how it will transpire – the unknown it brings - causes the fearful patterns to surface. What simply shows up is in itself reflecting the patterns of existence for each soul.

Embrace change for what new life experiences it brings. Hanging on to the old or wanting the old to continue is not always the best for you. Know this.

Expect change to bring about the new awareness meant for you to experience. You create your realities, so make the most of each new situation. See each one as a blessing.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

12 May 2012

Integration of the Divine

Dear Ones:


Many of you are recognizing old behavior patterns. You still feel the need to express them, but at the same time, you are cognizant they are not expressing the expanded consciousness you know you carry. Ask to align to your higher self. Again, intention is key. Ask for your higher self to lead the way in all you do. It will simply become you, and you will live with the “Christed” energy of the Divine within you.


The world may appear as “normal,” but many are feeling the restlessness of something beyond what is seen – an anticipation, but with no comprehension of what it may be or become. Simply know the integration of the higher self – the Divine self – in the human body is taking place. Know that many are going through similar changes; it is a time of alignment for many.


Hold fast to these thoughts as they will manifest your new world.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

05 May 2012

Alignment to Energy Shifts

Dear Ones:

Life may not be reflecting all the changes occurring within each soul, as well as, the changes within the world of life – your planet, and the universal planets and structures around your galaxy. Energy shifts are not always visible, but seen within the subconscious mind and the subtle body awareness picked up by the intuitions of awakened souls. Understand that these shifts and alignments have purpose, meaning, and significance. Set the intention to align to the awareness and energy being created through all these activations.

Ask to clear out all you carry within that you no longer need – feelings and thoughts. Also clear out material possessions you no longer need that are reflected in your external world. Create heaven within you and eventually you will find it will be reflected in what you see and experience each day.

May the light of God intensify and expand within your own awareness, and may it collectively be demonstrated within your communities and Earthly world.

You are blessed, supported, and loved.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~