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08 April 2012

Be the Heart, Lend a Hand

My Dear Ones,

The source of your soul is the Divine connection all have in common. Each carries a spark of God, the Creator, within them. Lifetime after lifetime, you have forgotten this connection. Due to fears and experiences, you feel more separated with each lifetime. It has been truly a struggle to reconnect to the Source of God within you.

A new age of awakening is upon the Earth. More and more souls have been coming to this awareness. Over time, the love connection has taken precedence over the Earth population. The souls who have evolved who are making this connection are the ones connecting to the Christ consciousness energy now available to all.

As this year progresses, more and more will come to the realization how connected all of life is on Earth. The spark of God is the thread in common to all life.

These shifts in awareness have been affecting the Earthly population. Some have come to this realization gradually. For others, it will be an experience or an awareness that suddenly transforms them. These will be the ripples of change that will be felt by the whole of the Earthly environment.

Trust much is in motion. Hold fast to the vision of earthly awareness and transformation. Be the heart; lend a hand to assist others to their souls’ reconnection.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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