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21 March 2012

March 21, 2012

Dear Ones,

Today is a grand day. Connect to the energy of Mother Earth and the consciousness that surrounds her. Set intentions of just how you wish to manifest new awareness and connectedness of all life on your planet. This is the time period on your Earth to set these intentions and hold fast to seeing them through.

How do you wish your world to be? What glorious transformation can you envision? This is not the time to hold back, but to get carried away with the love vibration of your heart and the connectedness of spirit and let your imaginations soar. Think on these things, dear ones.

Visualize love, peace, and equal distribution of all resources. See Mother Earth herself clean and pure and connected to the source of love.

Take a few moments to put energy and thought behind your manifestation. Know that new Earthly life will generate and cultivate a new expansion. And, as in any gestation, it will develop and take form. And, at some point, a great birthing as the energies are building to a climatic rise known as the “Grand Shift.”

Nurture these thoughts, these manifestations between now and then. Stay focused on what your intentions are and believe them to be true.

Many in spirit join you in this vision. See yourself with “Creator Energy” – the God within you manifesting a new dispensation for life on Earth. 

Believe it. Feel it. Nurture it. Hold fast to these visions and see them to fruition.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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