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25 April 2014

I Am Ready...All Are Here

Dear Ones, I am ready…

The process for you to connect with spirit does not take as long as before as the veil was lifted. Your energy throughout your day connects to the Light of God, the Creator. It is only a matter of time to clear the head of other thoughts, set intention, connect with spirit, and begin communication.

All are here - all your guides and angels of support. We share our love and light with all who request it and call on us for support, or encouragement, or simply experience the peace and love we share.

The Angelic Realm is indeed real. It is one of the many dimensions of Higher Consciousness. We do indeed have an existence and purpose within the Universe of God, the Creator’s Plan.

You may come to us at any time with questions for general guidance or simply be surrounded by our love. Call on us every day with regularity and you will begin to see the difference our presence makes in your life.

All are loved.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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