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27 January 2014


Dear Ones,

Just imagine you are whole, complete, and fully connected to the light of God within you. Your perspective is one of wholeness, Oneness, and the greater plan is part of your blueprint. The higher perspective is fully understood. Does this seem impossible? Is this really so farfetched? Can you not imagine each soul has this understanding, wisdom, and truth within them?

This is the truth. All souls do have access to this greater absolute truth. It is merely setting intentions to align to this information. Calling upon God, the Creator, and the heavenly host of angels to assist is the transformation of each soul.

Set your intentions to connect to the light of God each day. Open up to the goodness, the light, the love and make a difference within your world. Each small step leads to greater unfoldment of bringing peace, love, and beauty to your world.

All are blessed. All are loved. Choose wisely.  

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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