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15 July 2010

Be Happy

Greetings, dear ones,


Get excited – be happy – find the love within you and let it shine. Clear yourself and be that Divine light – you will see the difference each day as it is presented to you.


Many are being challenged – making choices by listening to their hearts and their inner guidance. Those who continue their dramas, their stories – are the ones who are stuck – pray for them. Send them love, send them light. But, do not pity them – these are their choices – so let them be. Do not get caught up within their dramas or stories. Protect your energy - do not allow them to take your light.


Goodness starts within – as does love and Divine direction. Find time to be alone – make your connection to God, your Creator, the Source – the life force will channel through you in all you do.


Be at peace, dear ones.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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