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23 September 2011

Love and Benevolence for All

Each soul has the ability to connect, to listen, and to be a clear communicator of truth and wisdom. Your heart is the true source of direction.


There are many changes being made internally within each soul. A new perspective on life situations may simply take root. Most changes will come simply – a minor shift in awareness can make all the difference in what transforms in the physical world.  With new understanding comes new ways of expressing and relating to those around you.


This single concept can work with a “bigger picture” as well. Minor “ripples” in thought will become major waves of change. Open your heart and send love to all the unlovable, all the unrest, and all the troubled. Do not judge what is transpiring, but see a positive outcome from a Christ Conscious perspective – whether it is love for the fearful, peace for the unrest, or nourishment for the hungry. See it all in an outcome of love and benevolence for all.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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