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21 December 2012

12-21-12 Your Transformational Portal

Greetings, Dear Ones:

A most significant day in earth history – a transformational portal for the alignment to a higher truth – a Christ Consciousness perspective of living Divinely in human form.

Spend time in meditation. Join the collective forces of those celebrating the birthing of energies from the galactic alignment. All signs are there from a scientific perspective and from a spiritual awakening. There is much jubilation on earth as well as the spiritual realms.

Love is the common denominator of all life. Uncover the love within all aspects of your life. See the beauty, feel the expansiveness of the grandeur of the life mysteries that remain unseen. Tap into the energies.

Our love from the spiritual realms is massive. So, even tapping into for a small moment will instantly uplift, align, and transform your every day existence. All here are assisting you. Feel our love. Feel our strength. This is a part of you and your world as well.

My love to each of you.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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