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09 December 2012

Hark, the Herald Angels are Singing!

Greetings, Dear Ones: 

Many human souls are left wondering how the alignments and portals will affect them. Release any doubt and all questions as the energy will be the “invisible hand” that lifts each soul.

The Cosmic Christ, the essence of love, will indeed become the breath that is inhaled and will transmute the energy of all life. No one will be left behind or left feeling they “missed the boat.” All are given equal opportunity to take in the energy and become the essence of the Christ. Those who have been in preparation will be better prepared, but not necessarily more able to adjust. Each soul will undergo its own unique adjustment.

Be heartfelt and open to all you see, feel, and acclimate to within this time period. Be open. Be accepting. And, be in that space of love.

Hark, the herald angels are singing! The time foretold through many cultures is indeed up the planet earth.

May the Christ be within you and become you.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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