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29 June 2013

Your Two Roles

You have two roles here – one as a channel for spirits’ messages and one as an individual soul who seeks enlightenment. You are both and experience both purposes/benefits.

Acclamation is taking place – to be joined fully connected to those in spirit. Rough edges are being smoothed and soothed. Set your intention to be truly connected, and each day experiences will transpire. Not all will come out as you would think or expect, but release yourself of these judgments.

How it evolves – just is. Know that each soul is experiencing this. More are in awareness of what is happening; others are clueless, and somewhat unsure as to what is truly happening. All are merely making adjustments in their own ways.

You are blessed,

~Archangel Gabriel ~

* Channeler’s Note:  Archangel Gabriel is not only speaking to me, but those of you who read this weblog. As spirit is speaking through each of us, the benefits of healing and transformation are felt individually.

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