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12 June 2013

Higher Energies that Speak to The Heart

All humans are changing. Know you are changing with the times. Old familiar patterns are being disrupted, moved around somewhat. It throws one off, creates confusion. A “Why is this not working?”, or a “Why did it happen this way?” You feel slightly off balanced.


Trust – it is the acclimation to the internal and external changing of each soul and life on Earth. No one is exempt – even the animal kingdom, the vegetation, oceans and their life systems – they are all affected. Stay focused on connecting to the love of God, your Creator. Ignite the love spark within you each day. And, breathe in and breathe out - to further expand this love energy.


Be open to the change that results within your own lives as well as the changes to your environment and all over the world. Those souls who are awakened will begin to give a voice to assist in the changes. Right now, the boundaries are felt, but eventually the barriers will break down and the greater good will prevail.  


Trust this is so. Watch for it. Be willing to support the wave of higher energies that speak to the hearts of all people. Assist in the creation of a new Earth with love being first and foremost.


All are loved. All are blessed. Be with great peace.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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