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01 June 2013

Light and Dark Butting Forces

Dear Ones,

With all the Earthly experiences taking place around the world, from the Earth changes, the war crimes, the corruption of big business and governments, it is hard to believe that your world is transforming to a better place. What you see going on are not the visible changes you would expect. Do not let these events give you discouragement.

Quite the opposite is happening. As more and more souls are raising their energy, spreading love to the unknown, farthest places on Earth, the light quotient is raised. And, where the light touches, it shines on the dark places that were unseen before.

There is the old saying you have heard before, “Where there is light, darkness cannot prevail.” This is indeed what is happening. The dark, heavy energy cannot continue with the light quotient of the Earth population carrying more light. And, as these dark forces are revealed, it stirs up the energy – there is resistance, cover-ups, and denial. It is simply the effects of the energies butting forces. Know this – the light will prevail.

And, as these energies are shifting and changing, Mother Earth is also assisting. These energies are affecting weather patterns and the Earth itself.

So, dear humans, continue to expand your light radiuses. Ignite your God spark each day. Know that your love, your light is indeed making a difference. Be steadfast in your faith.  

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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