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19 March 2011

Earth Energies

Your Earth is changing. This has been spoken of for so long, but now the physical evidence is making an appearance. Trust in the process of clearing and raising the consciousness along with the vibrations that will result in an Earth of peace, love, and a higher consciousness of all life it supports.


Do not fear the changes – while very disastrous and chaotic - are the necessary changes to simply bring all life forward into this new awareness. With these changes, there are human casualties as well as other life forms. Know that each soul - each particle of energy – is appropriately participating in each and all contributions for an evolved state of existence.


Send love and light to the areas of visible destruction or unrest among the populations. Stay centered in the knowingness that your assistance for calmness and peace truly is your part in this drama of the unfoldment of a new Earth.


All are blessed.


With Love and Guidance,

 ~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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