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24 October 2010

The Undercurrrents of Motion

Greetings, Dear Ones,


Much of life is seen from a narrow perspective. It takes spiritual wisdom and understanding to see life from a different perspective. So, trust as things happen or appear there is a greater plan than what may be obvious.


Your radius is growing. Concepts, truths, the understanding of spiritual principles are learned even more. Each aspect is clearing and healing in itself as you take on the truth and shift awareness regarding each one.


Yes, you feel the undercurrents of motion – activity not so apparent in the earthly world. Know that simply the stage is being set – scenes are being created, people are being placed for a call to action.


Dear ones, no need to worry. No need to dwell on what may be occurring. Prepare yourself as you have been doing – understanding and applying all that you have learned.


Living life from your heart is where you find the love and peace to carry you through the times ahead. Always know many are with you – those in spirit. Call us in to assist, bring comfort, love, and peace. You will find the “inner you” will be reflected in your outer world. Trust and this will happen.


Go in peace.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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