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01 January 2014

2014 - The Year of Alignment

My Dear Ones:

A new year within the Earth plane is beginning. At this time, many souls anticipate what may unfold. This will be a year of many new announcements from all levels – governments, businesses, religious organizations, and even public and personal lives. An unveiling of truths of behind the scenes workings that can no longer prevail within the new year energies.

All structures will be re-aligning to love, truth, and integrity. Those structures whose missions were built upon falseness, untruths, and not benefiting the greater good of all will diminish their control or impact to your world. This process will unfold as headlines in the news, a rumor that becomes public, a shadow side that becomes revealed. Do not fear this will go down like dominoes; the effects will not topple existing structures but will force a re-alignment to the new year energies.

You see, shifts have been occurring internally within the human hearts. And, as each soul has made adjustments, this will be translated through the work they do – whether within a government, a corporation, a small business, or a school room. A visible external alignment will be implemented because the human heart has already made the internal shifts.

This will be a transformational year. Waves of these alignments will take place within the physical material elements of your world. What was put in place in 2013 allows the changes to begin implementation this year. The year 2014 will be the year that marks the visible Earthly impact of the new energies within human hearts. The internal shifts will have finally transcended and will begin to translate into changes in the world structures that govern your lives.

It will be a clearing alignment – one that sweeps through and occurs on all levels. The personal internal shifts within the hearts of the human souls have longed to see results within all structures within government, big business, small business, even the religious and special interest structures. All will be affected. The point here is, the alignments will be sweeping, but chaos will not result. The alignments are “heart friendly” as each soul will resonate to the overall change. It will carry a “heart resonance” of acceptance to each one.

Those who have not embraced the love energies of transformation within their own hearts will be the ones with a difficult time of embracing the external changes. But, the majority of souls will feel the “Shift of the Ages” is finding or gaining its momentum. It will be an “inherent knowing” and acceptance through faith that the spiritual realms and the souls upon the Earth have begun an alignment.

Human hearts are ready for this unfoldment. Each soul will be able to be more forthcoming about who they are, what they believe, and what they choose to support within their world. Restructuring will be gentle, easy although some disruption will occur. The difference is there will be a knowing that the interruption is temporary until all the pieces line up.

The human population will no longer sit back and allow. A movement towards action and support of the greater good will prevail. Trust this new year has the greatest potential. Support the alignments that allow your heart and soul to sing. Be assured whatever transpires will lead to even greater unfoldment to bring peace to your world.  

All are blessed.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

21 December 2013

A Carrier of Spiritual Messages

The channeling experience validates the connection to spirit for each soul. All can do this by setting intentions and becoming a “carrier” of the messages from spirit to human thinking. Connectivity and accuracy of the information is truer as the human learns to raise their energy to reach into the higher realms of the spiritual hierarchy.

If each soul were to take time each day to connect to spirit, then messages will begin to come forth. But again, the true message needs to be filtered through a human who has learned to raise their frequency – their quotient of light – to bring the message “unfiltered” through human ego and translation. This becomes the challenge, and those messages will carry a resonance that will touch the hearts of others to validate its truth.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

17 November 2013

The Mark of a Spiritual Being

Souls come to Earth to live a spiritual life in human form. But, once they come, they get so distracted on the many choices before them. Does it matter they had eight children instead of two, or they work at another job than their true talents could support them? Ah, the matter lies in the question, “Did they live a spiritual life in human form?” That is the telling result.


It makes no matter what your life entails. The difference is how you live your life – with love, integrity, and compassion. This is the mark – the true telling of one’s truth. The impact of love matters not if a few are touched or a few million are touched. It is the fulfillment of a spiritual life in whatever human choices are presented. So, with this, does it matter you work for Company X, enjoy hiking each weekend, or write the minutes from your group meetings?


What matters is - do you ask for guidance, learn the Spiritual Laws and Principles and apply them in your life? If so, then the circle of connectedness and application of your spiritual abilities will grow exponentially.


View each day as a gift – another day to embrace the love and light and carry it into your world. Be creative! 


~ An Unknown Angel ~

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23 October 2013

Go in Goodness and Step in Strength

Within the overall plan, all is good. Each day you strive to perfect your essence. Each day is an attempt to keep your heart open and be the spiritual compass as you navigate through your experiences.

You truly are angels on assignment. The experiences you encounter each day brings a new opportunity to do things differently – see things from a larger perspective – to step out of fear based conditioning and embracing the love within yourself. And, an opportunity of seeing others “with the eyes of God as your creation." Count these events as the miracles in your day to day encounters.

If each soul, each person had this perspective and goal each day, the waves of change will indeed be felt within your world. See this as your personal challenge, or as your “lightworker” or “light being” presence on Earth.

Go in goodness and step in strength. May your hearts be pure and your intent be steady.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

09 October 2013

Keep Your Flame Steady and Strong

This time in your life may feel off-balance – as though the connection to the higher realms is not lasting. It is simply the denseness of the consciousness of Earth and the people who inhabit it. Their thoughts and fears fill the mass consciousness and form a layer of doubt and fear due to the worldly and political unrest throughout the many societies and countries.

You may help clear this consciousness by sending love and light – seeing a positive flow and outcome to all situations. Visualize this peace finding the hearts and souls of each person on Earth. Visualize a world order under the guidance of Divine love, truth, and wisdom.

But especially, dear ones, connect each day to the source of love and light within you. Ignite this light within you and keep your flame steady and strong. May it bring you peace of mind and love in your heart. May you focus on this single flame until it grows and expands to your full magnetic field that surrounds you.

And, as you expand this light, it touches other hearts, other souls, others in need. As your light expands, it ignites the flame within each soul you encounter. The Divine love along with peace of all understanding grows and spreads within the people, your work, and the life you live.

Know your path has purpose. Your presence at this time is most needed. It is through the individual hearts and souls that the impact and shift of your Earth will indeed be met and felt within each one.

The heavenly host - those in the spiritual realms assist each soul who calls on them. Welcome them into your life and they will be your partners to bring Divine love and peace into your world. Consider them to be “your entourage of assistants” as you go through each day.

You have our support and love; call on us.

You are blessed,

~ Archangel Gabriel ~