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15 March 2015

One Minute Tune-Ups

Dear Ones,

We are here; take time to notice - these Halls of Light are peaceful and full of love and light. Many here exist within the Realms of Angelic Consciousness. We are the chosen to serve God, the Creator. We uplift hearts and minds of all life on Earth. We are always present - ever present. Just call on us and we are with you.

As a human on Earth, there are many distractions, many different option or choices, many ways to be “too busy” in making these connections. But, just the same, there are many quiet moments when the time to connect is possible. Make this an intention to find many of these moments throughout your day.


These moments are welcomed by many in spirit. Think of these as ”one minute tune-ups” a moment to re-charge the love and light of God, the Creator, within you.


You are blessed.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

11 February 2015

Spring in Your Heart

Dear Ones:


Just as there are seasons in nature - when plant life is born in spring, and matures through growth in the summer, and ages to harvest in the fall, and becomes dormant in winter - so do all human life cycles follow this pattern. The magic is not to look at age as in years on Earth, but to look at the measurement of life expectancy within your hearts.


Is your life in the “birthing and youth” cycle of spring? Happy to explore, discover, and be thrilled at what you find? You can be any “season” you desire. Some actually follow the cycles of the moon and the seasons upon your earth. You can always choose - such as “spring” in your heart, your mind, and what you manifest in your world.

So, “spring” into action, dear ones. May your hearts be merry and light and rejoice in what is around you. Create newness and expectancy of great beauty and peace within your world.

Each are blessed.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

24 January 2015

The "God-ness" at All Times

My dear Earth Angels,

The advice within each message is general enough, but speaks directly to your heart. Know not every life path is easy. Many are challenged and some take more time to find the light within for guidance at all times.

Many compartmentalize – God is in one aspect of their life, but not all aspects; sort of a “God at will.” A human - when God is convenient – has the goodness flow through them. And, at other times, their own will or their “little wills” drive them. These are old patterns and very resistant to change. Have all patience on your part for each soul to find the “God-ness at all times” to enlist within all thoughts and activities of their life.

You know this; you understand this. But, you realize it is very hard to watch as the results are inconsistent and detrimental for the souls to move forward on their spiritual paths. It simply becomes their journey.

Learn to use the tools to keep you connected to God’s light. Some tools are quick to use – for those “quick fixes” needed to keep your sanity within those difficult times and encounters.

Know you are blessed and surrounded by many angels at all times.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

10 January 2015

Angelic Flight - Direction With the Light of God Within

As Archangel Gabriel, I speak to you once again.

Troubled hearts are a plenty within your world. Many are being challenged to levels which seem to rock their very faith. Be centered. Be true to the light of God within. Do not see these experiences as a devastating loss, but as a true confirmation. Once through the experience, you find your faith is your connection to what is true – what is right – the light - given to you within your own divineness, your own convictions, and your own guidance.

Be forgiving to yourself first, as well as others. Each are “trying their wings” as Earth Angels. Some attempts are not divinely charged. And, over time, those souls will see and will attempt a later attempt at Angelic Flight – direction with the light of God within.

For you, dear ones, connect to the light of God, the Creator, each day – and many times each day when you look within and not feel the light of God within you. You will know when your connection is true. Take a step within often and you will feel the connectedness, the love, and the feeling of being totally and completely embraced within the arms and love of God.

Many angels support you. Never forget God sends many helpers to enrich and uplift those who call out for guidance and assistance.

Be centered. Be true. Be giving of heart and divinely guided.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

01 January 2015

2014 - A Year for Co-Creators to Unite

Dear Ones,

A time to look ahead upon a new year is upon you. A time to glimpse a future based on knowledge from the higher realms of spirit. It is not as a report card, but a chance and choice of probabilities from the consciousness of human minds and human hearts.

As a gentle reminder to each human soul, you are co-creators of your world. Be heart-centered and true to your inner knowing. The quiet space within you will refuel and sustain you. Be prepared for major upheavals as devastating blows to country economies, loss of human life, and destruction to mother earth. Be prepared to assist in a humane manner in whatever way your heart moves you. Know the “tightening of the belt” will be felt in the flow of money, food, shelter, and other resources. New measures will need to be implemented in all levels of societies.

A divide has developed within the human populous. Those connected to their hearts, those who can see through illusions man has created are holding the light and the space for peace to come within your world. Others are still driven by eons of unrest, karma, and beliefs taken on as factual decrees as their soul missions. Others are simply those souls who have chosen a life to live through the karmic cycle to become the “sacrificial lambs” for humanity – to awaken the human world to that moment of “shock and shift” into a space of peace and love. So, the human population is divided into factions of those lifting the consciousness, those creating the dramas, and those who chose to be the “peace bringers” through their personal sacrifice. 

I speak to the hearts of those who are awakened to the love and light of the Creator Consciousness. Not only those who are connected to spirit, but those who project and engage their lives for the good of others; those who have taken on the spiritual principles and implemented them within their lives. Your time for assistance is most needed going forward into the year ahead. As you know, the shift has occurred, the veil is thinned. With such spiritual resources available to each and all - use them well as co-creators of your world.

Become focused on bringing in the light and love from Creator, bring it into your soul bodies of light, the chakra systems of your soul and spirit, and expand it to your full magnetic field. Imagine the playing field in a sports stadium. This is approximately the size of your fully expanded magnetic field. Create this space so others who are within it or simply pass through, your light force field will have a positive effect on each and every one.

You can imagine teleporting your soul body of light in your merkaba to the hot spots around the world. Breathe deeply and bring in the love and light of Creator. And, as you exhale, fully expand your magnetic field of energy filing the area with a consciousness to shift the energy to one of peace and love. Know this will truly make a difference.

Be diligent in utilizing spiritual tools that work for you. If you have developed many, take them out of your spiritual tool box and use them daily. Rotate them; a spiritual tool for each unique situation. Become the talented one connected to the Source of the Creator Light and share the light and love through your gifts to empower those souls around you.

Do not forget your spiritual helpers, the Angelic Sources of Light as well as the Ascended Masters, those souls who walked among you and demonstrated the life of a human soul sharing and spreading the love and light of God, the Creator. Many spirit guides are also ready to assist, as well as, ancestors, family, friends who have passed; all are available when called upon.

May peace be with you.  May you recognize the light in others and assist them. Give a hand and receive a hand. May you join together to be the light bringers and light beings of your world. My dear ones do not forget who you are as co-creators, souls of light in human form. You each have the guidance, inner knowing, and talents to transform your world into a place of peace and love.

May the unseen forces of God, the Creator, become know within the hearts and minds of all human souls. Your hearts and love will unite your world. Bring on the light in 2015!

~ Archangel Gabriel ~